Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday June 27th, A Naked BT? Never...

Naked Computing

I was happily sitting at my computer this morning in my thick dressing gown when I came over all hot and bothered, so I took it off of course. Can you stand the sight of this? Bad Jim.

I trimmed it too as it went lower than that. Mad hair and cellulite. You don't need it, do you? Sorry kids. It's like the WI calender, the one made into the film Calender Girls with Julie Walters!


Later in the day I was holding my camera and Buster came right up to me! Wolf's eyes...

We were playing with his rope, his favourite game of tug of war when he accidentally caught the top of my hand and it did hurt. It hit the vein and is now all swollen. Just now Jim heard a noise on the roof and thought something had fallen on it. It turned out to be Sandy sliding down it, frightened to death and yowling to be rescued. Luckily our roof is low at the sides, so Jim climbed up the ladder and rescued him, getting clawed in the process. Animals, who'd have them?

At one point, Buster ran outside barking like mad, his heckles rising. I told him off and went to see what the fuss was about. Michael's cows were milling about on our path so I quickly shut the gate. Buster then got lots of praise. Good dog.


I have been doing crafts outside again this afternoon. I have made my Artist Trading Cards for the ABC/ATC group I belong to for the letters 'H' and 'I'. I can't post them on the site yet, but here's a quick preview:

This is 'H' for Hedgehog on hessian and will be going to Soulbrush

And 'I' for incomplete! This one goes to the boss of the outfit, Teri. It's been such fun doing these.

I also made a card to send to Bella and her girls on the sad loss of her husband.


Andy Murray was playing today, the great British hope and he won by a mile. He is really something else to watch.

I did a bit of weeding before dinner but that was my lot for the garden today. I just sat and admired it instead, oh, and I swept up Jim's grass cuttings after he's mowed the front lawns.

Just a quick post today. I guess you're all still recovering from the first photo anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Between Jim and Buster you've had quite a day! ha ha
You are so talented at the ATC's. I love the hedgehog - so cute! I always enjoy seeing what new creations you are making. To work outside is great.
Thanks for taking a look at the cat art on my blog. I know how much you love your kitties and I thought these prints are so fun. My entire family loves to look at all your beautiful garden panoramas on your blog posts. Hope your enjoy tomorrow.

blushing rose said...

Chuckle ... tomorrow will be better?! TTFN ~ Marydon

Twisted willow said...

Bad? Me?
In my defence, mi'lud, the view presented itself and I merely pressed the shutter.

I think you're just trying to drum up traffic from Google.

BT said...

Ha ha Mildred, I have indeed. I'm glad you liked the ATCs, I did enjoy making them. That cat art is lovely, what a talented lady. I wonder what on earth your family though of the first photo!!!

Glad it made you chuckle Marydon!

Hmm, that's what they all say, Twisty. If I get some 'anonymous' comments, I'll know where they've come from!

marianne said...

You look great there BT!
And those eyes.......
Good that you enjoyed your garden instead of working hard in it.
I enjoyed watching tennis also!
And your ATC's are just great! I love the innnnncoomplete and teh hegdehog is adorable!
I received your funky fish yesterday!
Thank you so much! It is so bright and colorful, just the way I like my fish!

have a nice Sunday!

Stampmaiden said...

BT, LOL!!! Good one. You'll have to get back at Jim. LOL!!!
That Buster has beautiful eyes and what a good dog he is for keeping the cows out! Did he get a wonderful treat?
Oooo, LOVE your ATCs! The "I"ncomplete is so creative! I would never have thought to do that. You are so clever! What a great post.

Valerie said...

Saw your name in my postbox (via a subscription elsewhere) so popped in to say Hi. I enjoyed reading about Buster ... and I think your cards are fantastic. I'll pop back to see more if that's okay with you.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Brilliant photo - let's have more in the same vein! Lovely post altogether BT - love that dog. I do like the way your blog wander sfrom subject to subject - I love reading it. Regarding Mug monday - of course you can join in - anyone can. You could think up a new subject (favourite something or other) and post it - I often get ideas from other blogs - I think we all do. I know I am quite flattered if someone pinches my idea.
Those ATCs are lovely - I keep think about doing some but yours are so professional I don't know whether I dare start. Best wishes and if the weather turns cooler, wrap up well!

Heather said...

Blogging in the buff!! I hadn't thought of that but it's a good idea in this hot weather. Love the ATCs and Buster's closeup. Hope your hand is better and glad you made time to sit and admire your lovely garden.

Ces said...

Wow! I came here ready to comment and then I forget what I wanted to say...

Elizabeth said...

Yes, your Buster is a cool handsome dude too!
GReetings from New York
where it is quite as wet as Ireland this year!

BT said...

I need to lose weight, that's for sure Marianne! Glad you enjoyed the post, Buster's eyes are so expressive, aren't they? I was quite pleased with my ATCs this time. I'm glad you like your fish too.

Glad I made you laugh Linda! I will get him back, don't worry. Glad you like the ATCs, that's a real compliment from you.

Hello Valerie, so lovely to meet you and I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Do come back anytime. I'll pop over to yours later.

Thank you so much Weaver for your comments. I will wrap up warm, don't worry!! I do feel the heat though. Oh my ATCs aren't professional at all Weaver. You should go and look at Stampmaidens, hers are just amazing. There's a real professional. Go and pop onto the ABC of ATCs, (link on my profile) and you'll see such a variety there. Yours would be wonderful, I know it.

Ha Ha Heather, it's a good idea when it's so warm. Not when your husband is stalking you with a camera though! LOL. My hand is less swollen today thank you. Animals, eh!!

Ces, you are just so funny. xxxxx

Hello Elizabeth, glad you like Buster too! Yours is so cute. I'm sure he's better behaved too. Do come again.

soulbrush said...

perfect pose.very demure and ladylike as fas as i'm concerned. love your new atcs and i do adore hedgehogs...YAY!

HelenMHunt said...

Great photos. Including the first one! Made me smile!

Jason said...


Heres hoping it doesnt develop into a battle of naked pics!


heckety said...

SUCH a dinky hedgehog! A lot of puns would be suitable here-
naked truth...
dog days...
not enough roof to swing a cat...

BT said...

Hiya soulbrush, glad you like my photo, ha ha. And that you like hedgehogs. Jim thinks it's one of my best and I said it's coming to you he approved!

Didn't make me smile, Helen!! I'll get him back.

Don't worry Jason, it won't!!

Heckety, I love it!! lol. And in Ireland too, shame on me.

DK Leather said...

~covers my eyes~!!

Love the ATCS, you're getting really very good at them :-) x

Arija said...

Nice view and not much of an overflow. I am often to be seen starkers in the garden, so nice not to have beighbours, just have to respect the g-children in the house further down the hill.
My skin needs fresh air, if God had wanted us to cover up, we would have been born with clothes on.
Your garden has reallly developed since last year and the meadow flowers are splendid.
I love hte little hedgehog too.

DJ Kirkby said...

Mad hair and cellulite, lol, love it. Shall we start a club with that name? It is boiling here too, promises to be a great summer. Buster is a beautiful boy.

Carol said...

Oh that did make me laugh!! If you and DJ start a club I think I will have to join :-)

Fab picture of Buster!!

C x

BT said...

Sorry K!! Nothing you haven't seen before!! Thank you re the ATCs. Have you looked on the ATC/ABC site? There are some great ones on it, link on my profile.

How sweet of yu Arija. My father in particular used to wander about naked, or just wearing a vest if it was a bit cold!! lol. So I grew up without any hangups about nudity.

DJK, that's a brilliant idea!! I'm game. Should be lots of takers I think!

Carol, your hair is too tidy, you'll have to do something about it. Or maybe it could be one or the other! I have both! Buster is a star in his own right!

Nikki said...

Hmm, what can I say? Well, I do remember you posing in a leopard skin bikini in NatWest Bank. I shan't elaborate, I shall let everyone wonder... :)

MarmaladeRose said...

You saucy minx! lol! Yes you can eat the flowers of wild garlic just pop some in with your salad!

BT said...

I didn't did I Nikki? I don't remember that! I remember the bikini well, I had it for years. Sadly wouldn't fit now.

lol, Marmalade Rose. I'll remember that for next year! Ours have died now.