Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photo Mania, Off to the UK tomorrow, 3.6.09

I thought I'd better blog before I head off to the UK tomorrow to stay with my son Jason, Sam, Jack and Kitty tomorrow. I won't be back until Monday evening of June 15th. I will try and blog in between but it's difficult on someone else's computer and I'm not sure I'll be able to download the photos. I will try.

It's been another hot couple of days. Is this really Ireland? At least there was a slight breeze today which helped a bit. Yesterday I did some planting of the things Jim had grown. I did it in the evening when it had cooled down. Unfortunately the gnats were out in full force and I was bitten on my top lip! I looked as though I'd had collagen treatment! It has returned to normal now thank goodness. Poor Buster has been fed up. He doesn't like the heat one bit. He did go and visit Millie, his cocker spaniel friend, once it had cooled down a bit.

We have spent much of today clearing and boxing up things from all surfaces in the kitchen/diner and the snug. The builders will be breaking through while we are away and I'm sure the dust will be several inches deep. My desk only has the computer on it! It looks so bare. Still, it's another step towards getting the work finished. I'm sure we'll come back with anticipation and in trepidation!

Jim is driving over the Worthing, UK, on Sunday and staying there until Friday, when he will drive up to pick me up then we'll have a day to pack the car for our return journey. All very complicated! Poor Jim is full of cold. I hope he hasn't passed it on to me.

I took loads of photos today. You'll have to look at them in sections, some each day! Make it last. First though I received some post this morning. Soulbrush sent me my letter 'B' from the Artist Trading Card group doing the alphabet. It's lovely and has lots of 'B' things on it:

Also in the parcel were some other items. I played a 'pay it forward' for soulbrush which meant she had to make something for me, and here are the things she sent:

3 rather arty ATCs

2 'inchies'. Believe it or not, these little cards are only 1" square! Sorry they're a bit blurred.

I love this one

This lovely cactus card

And 2 rather psychedelic paintings! Aren't they fun?

I'm thrilled with my little parcel soulbrush. Thank you so so much

As I'm going to be away for the 'D' of our ATCs, I've already made mine and put it in an envelope to post to LOLO. It's a fun one and I hope she likes it:

'D' is for dazzling, dangly dinosaurs on diamonds!

I also made this 'good luck' ATC for someone - it's all rather pink and girlie!

Now to the photos:

There are great tits nesting in this box and the cats kept climbing on the wall, so we rigged up some barbed wire defenses. Seems to have worked so far!

The cistus is covered in flowers. This one has a pink stripe!

The cistus and this fuchsia are up by our gate. Look at all those flowers

This is the yellow flower you can see in the photo of the blue tit defenses! It's called a fremontodendron

the sweet william is starting to flower

and the pinks

the chives keep on flowering and attracting the bees and butterflies

2 more of those gorgeous yellow and white iris have come into bloom

A view up to our gate showing the magnolia, acer, little acer and cistus at the top. Look at that blue sky

Thousands of blackcurrants are on the bushes in the orchard

There is a huge wild rose bush in the orchard

Jim whizzed past mowing the orchard as I took this photo through the arch leading into it. Look at the foxgloves on the right.


More foxgloves

The arboretum

This is the flower of a small rockery perennial geranium

This geranium has been flowering since the spring

A pink rose bud

It is on this rose bush, which has lots more buds to come.

This velvety rose bud is a bit tatty around the outside where it was caught by a late frost

Jim grew the lupins from seed. I love this delicate pink colour

This one is a lovely contrast with the sambucus 'Black Beauty' behind

A beautiful creamy white lupin in the front garden

A delicate scabious flower

This is the wild flower 'Ragged Robin'. One of my favourites

A huge patch of it has appeared where we cleared around the willows in the late winter.

The wild spotted orchid is growing daily

It is so beautiful

The meadow takes on a reddish tinge as the sorrel comes into flower. I seem to have taken a spider too!

more sorrel

The houses on the right are in Caher, which is right on the edge of Lough Graney. This is taken from the highest point on our meadow

The ferns by the stream are huge now

The vegetable patch is coming on brilliantly

This is part of the site for the poly tunnel. We're gradually digging it over but it's hard work!

At the side of the allotment, this fern is growing out of the top of an old tree stump.

This fuchsia is between the allotment area and the parking space. So many flowers

last year's pansies are really picking up

This is a pretty little aquilegea, different from the usual ones. We have just moved it as it wasn't doing very well

This nest box is on the side of the sleeping shed and is occupied by blue tits. I spent ages trying to catch a photo of them!

Although it's a little blurred, you can see the fly in its beak

Sandy slept through all the excitement!

BlackJack was enjoying rolling on the cool concrete!

Well, that's it for today. I hope you've enjoyed the photos. Jim says I have 'photo mania' and he's probably right. I didn't post all I took either! There's just such a lot that is beautiful!

Don't forget about me while I'm away! I'll try and post if I can. I'm off to bed now.


Feedsack Fantasy said...

Love your photos every time ... have an enjoyable jaunt to the UK. TTFN ~Marydon

DK Leather said...

Have a good time, kiss Kitty & Jack for me too and take LOTS of photos (you can never post too many!).

Oh, beautiful picture post btw! :-) LOL xxx

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your post so much. Your photos are so nice and it helps to see the areas you love so and talk about. I know you are anxious to get to be with Kitty, Jack, Jason and Sam. Have a wonderful time.

KathyB. said...

Ireland AND Washington ( the state ) in the U.S. are experiencing unusually warm weather, and it is too hot for me!

Your garden is blooming and I like your pictures of the blue-tit, and can perfectly well imagine how long you had to wait for the pictures.

Happy visiting with your son and his family!( get well Jim)

Leatherdykeuk said...

Fabulous post!
Have a good time away.

Carol and Chris said...

Have a wonderful time with the family!!

C x

Ps. I am very jealous of your ATC Cards

soulbrush said...

forget you, how could i? so glad you go them all. and love the flowers -your place is so frolicsome and fabadabadoo. have FUN with your family. see ya when you get back.

Pam'sEnglishGarden said...

Have a wonderful time in England. On the day you return, I will be leaving Pennsylvania for the UK myself, to celebrate my Mum's 90th. I can't wait to be home in the beautiful garden she still maintains.
After scrolling through your pictures I feel I have taken a vacation in your beautiful part of the world! Thanks.

Jason said...

Hi Mum, see you tonight, Jack is coming with me and excited about picking up his Gran.

PS. if you have a cold, call me from the airport when it's gone! Arrghhh...


Bea said...

Have a wonderful time with the new baby and Jack.
I looked at every photo so I guess I'll have to come back every day and look at them some more until you come home.
Blue Tit......what a cute little guy.
My cats keep telling me that that's all they would do if they could go outside.........please, Ma?
Pllllllllllleeeeeeeeezeeee :)Bea

Anonymous said...

Have a great time, say Hi to Jason for me, although I have gone on his blog!! No blog from you, shock horror, my bedtime reading. I may have to go right back to the start...

Heather said...

Lovely cards, inchies and ATCs, and gorgeous garden photos - love the bluetits, well done - the cats are lovely too. I've been naughty and looked at them all in one go!! Have a great time with your family - see you soon.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I am back as you are going! Thanks for visiting me:) I've had motherboard problems so I am sorry to have missed your big unveil...will have to catch up on your bundle!

Gee those ferns look very 'NZ-ish!"

Stampmaiden said...

Well, as usual I had a great time reading your post and viewing all the great photos. All your plants and flowers are beautiful. And of course the kitties.
Have big fun with your family! See you when you get back.

marianne said...

Great gifts from Soul!!!
And love your pictures! Looks like paradise over there....
My camera is in repair......I miss it!
I have a tendency to take pictures of everything also
I hope you are enjoying your visit and that you will fall in love instantly with Kitty! I think you have already from the pictures!
ENjoy dear! Make every moment count over there.

hug >M<

jinksy said...

Safe journeying! Thanks for another lovely set of flower photos to drool over...

soulbrush said...

there's an award for you on my blog when you get back. hugs.

Bella Sinclair said...

These are all so beautiful! You have such wonderful variety in your garden, and the colors are splendid. I hope you are having a great time in the UK. :)

Bea said...

OK, I've looked and looked at the pictures but YOU GUYS HAVE TO COME HOME NOW. I'm going through BT withdrawal. I know you are having a wonderful time but come back soon, ok? :( Bea

BT said...

Hi Marydon and thanks.

DK, I did have a good time thanks, took millions of photos of course!! Will blog soon, so much to catch up on and house like a building site.

Thanks, Mildred, it was great and hard work too!

Hi KathyB. I am back! Thanks for your good wishes and glad you liked the blue tit photos.

Thanks Rachel, I did!

Thanks Carol, you must do some ATCs, then you will have some too.

soulbrush, I'm back!! Catch up soon. xxx

Pam, I hope the 90th celebrations go well and that you all have a great time.

Hi again Jason! I didn't get it so there!! Had a great time with you all as always. Kitty is adorable and Jack of course.

Hiya Bea, so good to see you. Glad you liked the photos and the blue tit too. Will be in touch soon.

Sorry Nikki, I'm back now but it may take me a little while to catch up.

Heather, thanks for your comments and here I am again!

Hello Lisa, I do hope your problems are sorted now. What a pain! I must get on with my part 2 of my bundle!!

Hi Linda, so glad you enjoyed the photos. New post soon I promise.

Marianne, indeed I did of course fall in love with Kitty, she's so gorgeous. Lots of photos soon.

jinksy, glad you enjoyed and thank you.

soulbrush, thank you for the lovely award. I wish I knew how to send them!! I love it.

Thanks Bella, I gather you're away now!

Ok, Bea, I'm back. You are funny!