Friday, June 19, 2009

The Last Leg - From the Greens to The Deens

So it was back to Worthing, on the south coast in Sussex, where we have a home too. Soon it will be lived in by Jim's daughter Jenny, her husband Matt and their son, due in August!

As Jenny and Matt are moving in on 4th July, we spent some time trying to clear the place up and take more stuff to Ireland. It transpired that Jim's great nephew Sam Burgess was going to be playing rugby league for England on Saturday evening so all 3 of Jim's children decided to come to us and watch the game. Sadly the only tv we have working there is a very small one! So Ali arrived with Poppy! Woo hoo, happy me. She was asleep when she arrived but happily for me, she woke up shortly afterwards and we were able to play with her for the evening. Here are 3 photos of Poppy and Jim, the proud Grandad:

Isn't she lovely?

She is all giggly now

She thought the camera flash was funny

Of course Poppy should have been fast asleep but we had a great time playing with her and keeping her amused. It wasn't until after 10 that she got a bit grotty and Ali had to take her home. I found her a bowl and wooden spoon to play with!

I love her surprised looks!

Jim took several photos of me holding Poppy, but I look hideous in most of them! This one is the best of a bad bunch:

Another of Poppy's surprised looks!

Jenny with Poppy, Ali and Russell

Jenny is practising for the arrival of her baby. I love their expressions.

Ali looking thoughtful. Poppy caused a bit of damage with that spoon.

As for the rugby game, England absolutely slaughtered France and Sam scored a try and set another one up, so although the game wasn't really exciting, Sam did well and was mentioned several times as usual.

On the Sunday, 14th, Russell and Caz were taking part in a protest down by the sea front. The council built a lovely cycle path from Worthing to Shoreham by Sea, which they have now closed, in their infinite wisdom! So there was going to be a mass cycle ride and protest. We went down to support and I took some photos of course:

Caz in blue, Russell and Jim waiting for the ride to start

Lots of cyclists of all ages took part

The lead cyclist with a board showing what it was all about

Russell and Caz riding past and off to Shoreham

Jim was standing on the other side and took this photo of Russ and Caz!

Can you see this laid back chap's Irish flag?

Jim on the rocks!

Jim took some of me too!

Me at Splash Point, Worthing, with the pier behind

I think I need another haircut!!

I rather like this arched shelter

One of the gardens behind the beach. We sat and eat ice creams on a bench there

Sadly we had too much to do to be able to spend any more time on the beach. We were catching the overnight ferry from Pembroke and had to leave Worthing with a car full of stuff by 8pm. So it was back home and work for us until then. The journey was made much more bearable by the wonderful sky that changed throughout. I'll just pick a couple of the dozen or so I took.

It started with wonderful streaks in all directions

It gradually reddened

To this

It was very beautiful. We arrived and our ferry, The Isle of Innishmore was waiting for us and we quickly boarded. We usually bed down on the seats in the drivers' lounge but it was pretty packed as there were a couple of coach parties with us. We just managed to find 2 benches and slept our way across. We arrived about 7am and then it was the long drive up to Clare. It wasn't too bad really and we love the countryside. A while ago I blogged about a large tower that had gone up in Waterford. Well, it is now the support for a bridge and I managed to photograph it from the car. There really wasn't anywhere suitable to stop.

Do click on it to enlarge it. It still isn't finished

From a bit further away. The cloud formations were wonderful on this journey too.

There was one dark dark sky, then rain, then a rainbow

It was an eerie light

The last photo of our journey home. The clouds hung low over the hills of Tipperary

It's now a week since I left Suffolk and I miss Jack especially.

The builders are getting on with the ceilings in the extension. My room, the spare bedroom and our bedroom have been done. Just the bathroom (which is small) and sun room (which is big) to finish.

Before Jim left Ireland he took this photo of the first strawberries he had picked. We have had lots since.

Jim took them to the UK and ate them there!

Tonight we had a lovely dinner of home grown salad leaves with herbs, gammon steak and Jim's fresh brown bread. Followed by strawberries and cream. What a treat.

We have been clearing up as best we can around the builders. Jim has been doing some work for the Horticultural Society and mowing and I've been mostly planting all the flowers Jim has grown! I have just a few more to plant tomorrow, if the weather is ok. We have been promised a week of good weather, warmer too, from Sunday afternoon. I'll take a round of flowers in the garden then.

Tomorrow I'll blog about all the wonderful things I have received through the post. Don't miss it.


Feedsack Fantasy said...

Awesome sunset pictures. Enjoy your stay ... darling baby. Haircut? oh, I don't know ... TTFN ~Marydon

Carol said...

Wonderful post as usual :-)

C x

Stampmaiden said...

Great post. Poppy is so cute! You've got a beautiful head of hair! Beautiful sunset shots and those strawberries look delicious!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, I miss the seafront!
Maybe next time you are over, we could meet up in Worthing, it's about time I visited my bro down there.
Does the dog pick the strawberries? Ours used to!
The hair, lol, you wouldn't be Gina without the hair!!

Leatherdykeuk said...

How lovely!

Heather said...

Wonderful pics on this post. Hope that people power changes the council's mind in Worthing. My parents lived in Worthing about 30 years ago - I remember that lovely sound that the sea makes when it washes back over the shingle. That bridge is going to be splendid when it's finished, and so is your house by the sound of it. Happy gardening this weekend.

soulbrush said...

how old is that li'l darling? what a cutie pie. thanks so much for taking us with on your trip, such memories, such fun, such love. so much hair...i'm jelly-ass.

BT said...

Thanks Marydon and Carol.

Linda, I didn't get to eat those strawberries, but I've had plenty since! Yes, I do appreciate my thick head of hair, but not at the seaside! It always goes frizzy - I should wear a hat!

lol, Nikki. That sounds like a good plan, although I'm hatching a plot at some stage to visit Kay for a day or two, then travel to Matlock and see Ann Elliott from the NatWest then come to Bakewell and maybe stay a night? Nothing concrete yet.

Thanks Rachel.

Oh yes, Heather, I remember you saying your parents used to live in Worthing. I, too, love the sound of the sea on the pebbles. I'm not a huge fan of sand! It gets everywhere! It's a good weekend for gardening and the builders are here too! On a Saturday!! Unheard of.

soulbrush, you did make me laugh about the hair! It came from my dear father and I used to hate it as a teenager whent the fashion was all Twiggy and straight! Now I appreciate it. Poppy was born at the beginning of December, so is just over 6 months old. She's quite small for her age but both her parents are little, so that's not surprising.

Nikki, yes, Buster would eat the strawberries but the growing plots are fenced off from him and the strawberries are netted too. He also eats blackberries when in season! Don't do him much good either.

marianne said...

I can see you have had a real good time!
The pictures are fabulous, so good to be with your family.

have a nice weekend!

Jason said...

Poppy looks great, lovely eyes. Great suprized look.

Some lovely pics of sky's and large poles.

Jack misses you too, I can tell. Wont be long to you kids tie up again. :-)


BT said...

Thanks Marianne, I've been clearing up some of the day then gardening, much better!!

lol, Jason. I must make a firm date for the next visit. Promised to go North though too to see K and Co, Nikki and Ann. Glad you liked the piccies.

DK Leather said...

Beautiful post mummy, those pictures of you look wonderful, you look so young! :-) xxx

BT said...

Oh thank you K! You should have seen the others Jim took. I looked about 100!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I am tired just reading all that you have been doing BT - you certainly get around. Your strawberries are way ahead of ours - we have had two ripe so far.

BT said...

I am tired today too, Weaver! Been working indoors and out today and am feeling it. We had more strawberries yesterday. Gorgeous. Yours will be going long after ours have gone, think of that!