Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Week Away Part One - I meet Kitty

I'm sorry I've been gone so long. It's taken me ages to sort out the photos from my trip to the UK to stay with my son Jason, his wife Sam, little 4 year old Jack and new born Kitty Elizabeth. I arrived at tea time on the 4th June and they all picked me up from the airport. I had a peek at Kitty but couldn't see her very well in the car seat. Jack was all excited as usual. Back to Jason's and I had my first 'hold'.

She seemed a good size for a newborn baby but she was 8lb 4oz (the same weight as her dad).

The necklace I am wearing has a photo in it of Kitty number one, my mother.

Sam and Jason were tired of course but Jack was full of bounce! Jason took this photo of us together before his bed time:

I think Jack was trying to take my shoe off.

It was lovely to see Jason feeding Kitty

We all retired to bed fairly early. I started to read 'Euan's Torch' by Naomi Nielson, her first novel. Amazon recommended it and it is published by the same company that published Rachel Green's first novel. The publishers are 'Discovered Authors'. By the end of the week I had finished it and I do recommend it. I couldn't read it fast enough.

I was up with the lark on Friday as Jason and I were going to do a trial 'school run' for Jack. Sam cannot drive yet as she had a Cesarean section, so I am going to do the driving. Jack loves his nursery. It's an easy journey, one even I cannot get lost on. I have no sense of direction.

I tried during my stay to do the washing up most of the time and look after Jack and do anything else Sam needed doing, such as the hoovering. Nanny Maureen and Great Grandad Ivor came over for lunch that day and it was good to catch up with them. Maureen often does Sam's ironing which is great. I played Pirates and Mothers and babies with Jack then we did 2 jigsaws. The days seemed to go pretty fast.

Kitty on June 5th

Sam looking remarkably cheerful considering her lack of sleep. Jason and I tried to get her to have a sleep during the day, which we managed sometimes.

It was a lovely day on the Saturday and Jack and I played outside. We had great fun with the pebbles round the new Suffolk Barn (garage). He has such an imagination. We stacked the stones into an old water tank, which became a train! Then we put them into bricks, which were jelly moulds! A little chicken popped in from next door and trailed us around most of the day. It was a bantam I think:

Isn't it cute?

A lovely photo of Kitty I took in the morning.

Jack and I went for a little walk and I took this photo of him in front of a field of barley:

Then he took this one of me

I think my camera was too heavy for him!!

In the afternoon we went to Ickworth, our favourite National Trust stately home which is quite near to Wickhambrook. This is what their site says about the house:

A Georgian Italianate palace in an idyllic English landscape
  • Explore acres of parkland and woodland on waymarked walks
  • Have fun in the play area, family cycle route and 'Trim Trail'
  • Enjoy the licensed restaurant and tempting gift shop
  • Join in many special events and activities throughout the year
  • Learn about historic Ickworth House (now open at 11) and collections
  • Relax amidst the idyllic parkland and seasonal beauty of the park, gardens and historic Pleasure Grounds
It really is a beautiful house which has a 'Rotunda' where all sorts of lewd and bawdy parties were held! Do go and visit if you are ever in the area.

There was an amazing wedding going on and I took this photo of the bride with her father? Or maybe it's the groom!

It was obviously a designer dress and the guests all seemed pretty well heeled.

Jack took his scooter and we had a fabulous time there. I took a few photos of course! Makes a change from babies.

I love this border with the mauve nepeta

Sam stopped and fed Kitty while Jason played with Jack

Jack wanted to show me how they did a 'wheelbarrow'

But he soon collapsed in a heap!

We walked through this lovely archway but not before I had photographed this stunning honeysuckle

This was the family church and is in the grounds. It is being restored by English Heritage.

We walked to the lily pond. I was very pleased with this shot

Then it was across this old wooden bridge.

Past a couple of fabulous wonky old gates

As you head back up to the church, you can see the Rotunda on the horizon

Jack had to do some running repairs to his scooter! Back up to the church

We then let Jack play in the park for a while. He loves the 'death slide' even though he's really too young to go on it!

Here he scattered the children on the platform!

Then it was back home. We were all pretty tired by then. Kitty was fed and here she's being 'winded'. She likes to keep hold of her wind!

I think that's enough for part 1. I hope you've enjoyed it so far! Only 6 more days to go.


Stampmaiden said...

Great pics, BT. That Kitty is one beautiful baby. It's great that you visit as often as you do. This makes for great bonding between you and the grandkids. But of course you already knew that.
Love that honeysuckle. I bet it smelled heavenly.

DJ Kirkby said...

'Kitty' what a fabulous name! She has the most perfect shaped head. A beautiful little girl. Jack looks like a busy boy. We have honeysuckle like that in our garden.

Jason said...

You were a great help mum, we all appreciated it and wish we had more!

Great selection of pics, I went through them last night, some real crackers and you have picked a brilliant selection for the blog. Some beauties of Kitty.

Ohhh she had a crap night last night. lol.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet photo of you holding Kitty while wearing the locket with her namesake's picture. She's a very pretty baby. Jack looks like a very happy, energetic fellow! Jason and Sam look happy and so glad to see you had nice weather to get out and do some sightseeing.

Carol and Chris said...

Awwww, you have a really lovely family!!! Kitty is a beautiful baby and everyone looks really's nice to see :-)

C x

Leatherdykeuk said...

Naomi was the south-west regional winner. I've not read her book.

soulbrush said...

aaaaaw my grandie heart is beating faster. kitty is a little darling, just perfect, oh my oh my and what a beauty. congrats gran and i am so glad you got to see them and bond with her. nothing more special in the whole wide world is there?

BT said...

Hi Linda, it is good to visit frequently, I wanted Jack to know me well and Kitty too in time! Oh that honeysuckle smelled lovely!

Hello Denyse, Kitty is a lovely name, isn't it? Jack is very busy! Oh you are lucky with that honeysuckle - do you know its name?

I'm glad I was a help, Jason. Some good photos I thought so too. Glad you liked them. Sorry Kitty had a bad night! Happy 39th son. xxxx

Hiya Mildred, thanks for your lovely comments and for that marvellous ATC - it's just arrived and is beautiful. Are you inspired to do some more??

Thanks Carol.

Oh right Rachel. She won in the comp where you came 2nd? It's a great book.

You are so right soul. She is a darling. Jack is adorable, always has been of course! Beind a Gran is great, isn't it?

Teri C said...

Oh the new baby is a doll! Love the family photos and the landscape photos, what a beautiful place!

Feedsack Fantasy said...

Oh, that sweet smell of a newborn! Beautiful baby, cute g-son, lovely family ... exquisite countryside. TY for sharing the pics. TTFN ~Marydon

Bea said...

What a beautiful baby! Don't you love that newborn smell. I'm assuming that "wind" is the same as us saying burp the baby, right? lolol
Beautiful pictures. Can't wait to see more. Glad you had such a wonderful week. :)Bea

The Weaver of Grass said...

I do so love new babies - particularly when they belong to someone else and I get to enjoy them without the hard work. Your photos are lovely.

aims said...

We call it 'burping' over here instead of 'winding'.

Good photos Gina. Looks like a lovely visit.

Jason said...
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Jason said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about Kitty and my family. Very kind. :-)

Sam said...

some lovey pictures again (as always). Thank you to everyone who has left a nice message re Kitty, she is lovely but boy does she have lungs on her (she is crying as I tyoe this!). XX

BT said...

Thanks Teri, it is a lovely spot.

Thank you Marydon, they're beautiful, aren't they? Of course! We all think that of our own!

Thanks Bea, 'winding' is indeed bringing up a burp. We moan at them when they do it later but now we need them to burp! Crazy!

Weaver, lovely to see you. They do smell sort of special, don't they? (except their nappies). lol.

thanks aims, it was lovely to spend a whole week with them all.

Oh dear Sam!! She will grow! Just remember Jack used to be that size once.... (and even Jason).

DK Leather said...

~smiles delighted~
Loved the pics of Jason & Jack's 'wheelbarrow'!
Beautiful Kitty of course :-)
Huzzah for new gran-ness again x

marianne said...

like a little trip to England......
So glad you enjoyed yourself there!

marianne said...

Congratulations grandma with such a beautiful grandchild.
I wonder where you get all the energy from........