Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fri, June 26th. Rain and Sun, Work in Garden

It has obviously rained quite a lot overnight as the water butt is full again. It's just what the garden needed, especially the vegetable plot. This afternoon it's been hot hot hot. I did manage to weed the 3 beds in the front garden though. With a little help from Buster and BlackJack on occasions. Then I weeded the rest of the Fairy Hill and planted some bulbs I've removed from a circular bed that didn't do very well this year. I've planted them mostly on the fairy hill. So I feel I've achieved even though I felt a bit drained from the heat.

Joe the builder has been constructing the doorway between my room and the old cottage. It's taken him some time as he's had to make steps down into the studio too.

Jim bashed his little toe coming down the stairs from his den upstairs and his foot is now all swollen up. He's off to the UK again on Tuesday for 3 days, so I hope it's better by then.

I had a phone message left for me today from Ann Broderick, the lady I visited yesterday afternoon. She said her sister thought I was a lovely lady and really enjoyed my visit. I was quite chuffed!

The Vegetable Plot

A few days ago I took some photos of Jim's vege plot so I'll post them today:

The peas are growing fast and the pods developing. I like to eat them fresh off the plants - Jim tells me off.

The sweetcorn is looking strong and healthy

It won't be long before we are eating broad beans.

We have already had some salad leaves and small chard leaves and rocket. I love its peppery taste.

Here is Jim inspecting his carrots. They're doing brilliantly as are the potatoes, I don't think they've ever grown as well. He's worked hard on the plot this year.

It seems that every day I walk around the garden, something else is in flower. Here's a few photos from today.

This deep red clematis flower has just come out today

Old fashioned marigolds always remind me of my parents' garden where there were lots of them.

This little primula window box is bursting with double flowers.

These are the 3 beds I weeded today. The sweet williams are in the top one, the red acer and yellow acer plus grasses in the middle one and the magnolia stellata in the front one. There is also a rose bush, taken from a cutting, and it is covered in buds. You can just see one or two flashes of red among the magnolia leaves.

Our Silver Jubilee rose flowered today for the first time, and what a lovely flower.

There is just one drip left from the rain on a petal.

The other rose to flower today is this lovely yellow one


The three hanging baskets are coming along well.


Buster was all hot and bothered too and decided to usurp one of our garden benches:

Well, it is under the parasol!
I do like this photo of him.

Jim took him for a walk to the wood by the lake when it had cooled down a bit.


This speckled wood butterfly was in our porch so I photographed it before Jim carefully put it outside.


The long white garden wall is a bit of a problem. We were going to make a flower border along its base but have discovered that the concrete comes out about 3 feet under the lawn. After some discussion, we have decided to make a raised bed, probably with stone as we have lots of it. Don't hold your breath though. Think of all the lovely plants I can fill it with!

That's it for today. I gather the sunshine will last a few more days which is great. I have caught up with my art making for now so can play outside some more...


Anonymous said...

I have never seen such beautiful surroundings. Every plant is so healthy. I love Buster lounging on the bench! Hope you have a nice weekend and I hope Jim's foot gets better soon.

blushing rose said...

Such lush 'greens' ... just a mere few of the exquisite vast colors of green that you all have. Poochy looks pretty comfy there. Have a great weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

Jason said...

Fresh corn on the cob and peas stright from the pod, marvellous. The plot looks great.

Off to work. xx

KathyB. said...

There is going to be some good eating, fresh vegetables are the best!And vases of beautiful flowers for your renovated and remodeled!

Heather said...

Your garden is looking wonderful and the Gardeners' World team would be proud of Jim's veg. plot. Buster looks very elegant lying on the bench - sensible dog in the shade. Don't work too hard in this humid heat, but it's only by hard work that you get a garden to look that good. I should know - mine is waiting for me to do something about it!! Hope Jim's foot is less painful by now.

Nikki said...

I love the photos of Buster, they made me chuckle, they are right when they say "it's a dogs life!"
Jim's veggies look strong and healthy, he obviously doesn't have our badger problem. (Not a problem to me, I love him) he comes through the gardens like a small tank and crushes paths everywhere.
Jim's foot gives you both the perfect excuse to take a day off and sit and admire the surroundings! Second thoughts, I won't get my bedtime reading :)

Heckety said...

Your garden looks very vibrant- but where are the NETTLES? Shall I send you some?! Your roses are gorgoeus- I want a rose garden but Dad suggested I concentrate on the veg growning as roses don't make good eating! Your broad beans are much bushier than mine, ditto your carrots. B laughed at Buster and dragged Ben to the computer to see him!!!

BT said...

Thank you Mildred, it is pretty that's for sure. Not every plant is perfect but I don't photograph the rather 'manky' ones! Jim's foot is much better today and thanks to everyone who asked about it.

It is so lush Marydon. I am always blown away by the richness and variety of the greens in Summer here.

Good, isn't it Jason?

I hope so KathyB. I love fresh vegetables, they're the best. And vases of flowers too, I hope we have enough flowers to be able to cut for inside.

Thank you Heather, he has worked hard on it this year and managed to keep up with the weeding too. All the grass needs cutting again now. It's never ending.

Nikki, our vegetable plot is now enclosed by a fence as we had a dog/deer problem and boy do deer cause havoc at times. When they get into the orchard they rip off braches, it's a bit disheartening at times. I love badgers, but haven't seen any round here, only dead on the road. Sad. Buster is ruined. He now wants to get onto the bench all the time, especially when I'm on it, or Jim!

Oh Heckety, I have a war with nettles! They were everywhere, literally, but gradually I am winning the battle against them. There are plenty around the sides of the meadow where they can be left in peace though. Our veg weren't as strong last year, but the weather was against us all. Rain, rain, rain! Our broad beans are usually much taller but this is a different varity. I smiled at your offspring laughing at Buster. They'd love him, everyone does even though he's naughty.

Ces said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your garden BT. I wish I had the time, energy and knowledge to garden. Absolutely beautiful to see the earth give so much when the humans know and love what they are doing!

marianne said...

Its like paradise BT!
For you and everyone!
Such lovely pictures!

Renee said...

I couldlook at your garden every day BT.

Both roses are absolutely beautiful.

How the heck do I kill everything I touch.

By the way, that lady is not the only one who thinks you are lovely.

Love Renee xoxo

BT said...

Thank you so much Ces, I do my best!!

Paradise with a lot of gnats and horse flies Marianne!

Aw, Renee that is such a lovely thing to say, thank you. I'm glad you enjoy my garden as much as I do!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Fabulous pictures, as ever.

DK Leather said...

~smiles~ beautiful flowers, loved the Jubilee rose. Buster pics are fabulous, lord of the manor or what! As for picking peas fresh from the pod, oh gosh... my mouth watered. Envy!