Friday, March 6, 2009

More Weeding, More Scaffolding Thursday, 5th March

It's been on and off again today, sometimes sunny then a wind would whip up, the sun disappear and it was freezing. Luckily for the most part it was fine. Martin the builder carried on alone with the scaffolding. It seems like an endless job.

I did manage to finish weeding the bed above the grotto and the grotto bed itself, so it all looks quite smart now, if rather bare.

In the Summer there isn't usually a space to plant anything!

This is the right hand side of the above bed and it drops down to the grotto, see below.

The grotto. All the new ferns I planted last Autumn seem to be doing well. The Pieris Forrestii, centre of the left half, has white flowers out already, although the new red leaf bracts have not yet appeared.

The Grotto again. This little path goes round the corner, right round the barn.

It may seem like not much of a job but it was all covered in nasty weeds, dandelions, stinging nettles, grass, blackberries and ivy. I have previously cleared all these when I first made the bed, but they keep popping up again. I'll beat them though.
I also took a photo of the sleeping shed from the front, looking smart for a change.

Our little collection of old farm implements is on the right. The green thing is an old milk churn, planted with everlasting sweet peas.

My sign for the fairy garden had fallen from its place, hanging from the hawthorn branch. The chain has rusted and broken, so I have propped it in front of an old tree stump. I quite like it there. I also took a photo from the fairy hill, looking over this part of the garden.

Perhaps I should trim that bit of grass!

It's all coming along.

These lovely double daffodils are in the bank at the side of the sleeping shed. At last a photo with some colour in it.

This pretty deutzia is just starting to bloom

As I was out a bit past the cats' tea time, they hung about round me, another photo opportunity. They were also fascinated by Martin walking up and down.
Sandy looking rather fine in the late afternoon sunshine. He is the cleanest cat I've known. BlackJack can't be bothered to wash much, so in the evening, Sandy washes him too.

Sandy slightly out of focus as it picked out BlackJack and the light was fading.

This is when Martin walked past!

They are very handsome cats I think, but then I would.

Buster made me laugh this evening. I noticed he was licking the underside of my ironing basket (which is much too full). The side of it was hanging over the edge of the chair. I went to investigate and a bag of gold Christmas coins had somehow fallen in there and was dangling out the bottom! He was having a fine time munching them, complete with gold paper. I did remove them as they're not good for him, but he still managed about four. They were some I bought for Jim but I reckon they'll be off by now.

It's Jim's birthday today (Friday the 6th March) and he is still in the UK until at least Monday. So I have ordered something for him to be delivered there. I hope it arrives. He has waited in all day today for a delivery of polythene and bits for our poly tunnel and they didn't arrive. It's so annoying, especially when you arrange deliveries on a certain day because you only have a small window to receive them. The best laid plans and all that.

This evening I've managed to keep Stanley going all the time so it's not quite as cold in here as usual. I still have 2 jumpers on though. I also watched an excellent new 3 part series on Channel 4 called The Yorkshire Riding Hood I think! Set in the 1970s, it had some famous actors in it including Sean Bean as the bad property tycoon who had all the police in his pocket, Warren Clarke and David Morrissey. It was really quite gripping all the way through and I can't wait for next week's episode. I'll probably forget and miss it. Sadly the luscious Sean Bean won't be in it as he was killed this week.

A little sewing now then it's off to bed. Do you like my new blog layout? I've been 'updated'. It's supposed to be easier to manage. I'm all for that.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Lovely post. I like the new layout.

DK Leather said...

LOVE the new layout, good job! :-)
(even though you removed my blog from your roll lol)

Smashing pictures, love the sparkley new look shed!

We were hoping Jim's little something had arrived by now? Where you are, rather than he is of course, because we didn't know he was going to be here! LOL

BT said...

Thanks Rachel. DKL, oh dear, I must have missed you off!! I'll add you of course. LOL. The shed looks ace doesn't it?

A silver envelope has arrived, is that from you? Otherwise just a card from Ivor and Mau.

Ces said...

Oh that is so sweet that you have a birthday present delivered to Jim for his birthday while he is away. That is such a sweet and thoughful gesture. I think you are farming, instead of gardening! :) I am exhausted just looking at what you have done BT.

BT said...

Ces, I think you're right! Chickens next and I'd love some Alpaca! We'll have to see. Jim's caused confusion with the delivery by saying he's going for a walk, then changing his mind....

Son1 said...

I could only stay awake for half the Yorkshire thing, twas good tho. I won't watch the other half as apparently Sean dies in the end! lol.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes I do like the new layout and it was nice to see your photos of the garden (and the cats). Don't worry about it all looking a bit bare - any day now the weed seeds will wake up to the fact that the sun is shining and they'ss soon fill in any blank spaces. Hapy gardening.

aims said...

I like it too!

I like coming across someone's place and seeing that they are really conscious about how the outside looks as much as the inside. It gives such a lovely feeling - all tidy and pretty!

Do you know what I mean?

BT said...

Oh dear Jason, sorry if I spoilt the ending! I thought you wouldn't be able to watch it now it's gone! I didn't quite understand some of it, lots of nasty corruption. I guess they'll all get found out.

Weaver, you are so right. The weeds seem to thrive no matter what the conditions! Ah well, what would I do with myself if they didn't?

Hi aims, I love the outside 100 times more than the inside! Always have. Maybe the inside will grown on me when the extension is finished.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Enjoyed your photos here. came to see them and then forgot to leave a comment. Lots to read in your posts. :)
Love the outdoors too. Both my husband and I do. Glad you got the flowers to Jim finally. :)

marianne said...

Your garden looks so neat already!
I have to start with mine..... But this week I will be very busy with making my Mom´s place ready for her to move.
After that I hope to work a bit in the garden. We will make a new fence, can´t wait!
Your cats are beautiful! I LOVE cats! How nice they get along so good!
Hope you had a nice weekend!