Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Sprung then Winter Walloped!

Well it was Spring for a couple of weeks. Jim took a few photos before the temperature dropped and we spent a lovely day gardening:

The narcissus are all gradually coming into bloom, the daffodils in this bed are not quite out yet

Annoyingly, I can't remember the name of this spring rockery flower. It has blue and pink flowers and silver spotted leaves. It always get mildew after a while too!

Thank you Weaver of Grass, it is, of course, Pulmonaria.

This 'host' (small one) of golden daffodils is just outside our orchard. These are now well out.

The flowering currant blossoms are really long this year. They had a hard pruning session last year.

It was indeed a lovely sunny day. Jim went off to the UK on Tuesday morning. Look what happened then:

What a crazy place this is!

The snow shows up in front of the trees

The figure in the yellow jacket was poor Martin, our builder, who carried on valiantly putting up scaffolding throughout the storm.

It does show up Jim's painted shed rather well though.

Martin's still at it, the snow looking like rain in this photo but it was as above, the same big lumps!

Then it all stopped, the sun came out and I carried on with the weeding I'd been doing before the snow came!

The 2 shrubs sparkled in the sunshine with melted snow. Look at the shed now!

A closer view. It's worth clicking on these to get the full effect and see the drops sparkle. You can also just see the old plough behind that Jim has painted black.

I took some from inside the house through the new extension. You can almost see rooms taking shape!

This is my new bedroom/studio, the hole is where the patio doors will be. I look through this window as I type. It will become the door to my room. See the sunshine out the back?

This door will be moved to be the door of my room if it isn't too damaged by the weather. The room you can see will be our new bedroom. It has splendid views across the garden, then the hills.

I just caught Martin going past the 'window'.

Buster thought he'd remain in the porch area while it snowed. He thought it needed guarding...

Some time later it snowed again. In the morning the scaffolding boards had about an inch of snow on them. Then the sun came out... It was a very odd day and it's still really cold with the addition of a biting wind today. I was going to stay in but decided about 2pm to go and do some weeding. I had 2 jumpers on and my big coat, a balaclava with a hat on top of that. I wasn't going to be cold. I was quite successful in my endeavours and only gave up because my feet were frozen and Buster wanted his dinner. It was also dropping dark. If I get it finished tomorrow I'll take a photo, though it looks rather bare.

I have been inspired to do some more ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) having found a blogger called Marianne who is Dutch and paints ATCs and also makes Mandalas. So yesterday evening and today I've been crafting, something I haven't done for a while. I really enjoyed it too. I can't wait for my new room to be finished. Needless to say there was a distinct lack of builders about today.

Just to finish with a Buster story. When Buster comes in at night from his rambles to goodness knows where, he does this rather weird trick of trying to fall asleep standing up. He'll often rest his head on something, a chair seat, my lap, a box, and yesterday evening it was the loft ladder. I took two photos of him and I think you can see in the second one his eyes are closed. He usually wobbles a bit then before he falls over, finds another spot. This goes on until he gives in and goes to bed. Like a child!

His head drops lower

Now he's asleep!

Now I've let the fire go out so I'm off to bed, it's warm there. Jim has the car so I'm stranded here and have run out of chocolate. What a disaster.


jinksy said...

A different kind of
'snow drops'?

Leatherdykeuk said...

The extension is really coming along!

Renee said...

Without chocolate that is a disaster.

Thank you for giving me a glimpse of spring. I did increase the picture of the tree and the sparkles were wonderful.


MarmaladeRose said...

Thank you for popping by my blog. I'm intrigued with the 'odd shaped paper mache' lol. It's conjured up some strange thoughts.
Lovely to see some spring flowers.
Sneaky dog isn't allowed on our sofa but she sneaks up half way with her front legs on the sofa, but her back legs still on the floor. Only trouble is, she falls asleep and then her back legs give way!

Sam said...

no chocolate? Jim has left you in that state? how could he, maybe he really doesnt like you after all!!!! can you get a delivery, shall i send some urgent mail? xxx

The Weaver of Grass said...

Pulmonaria is what it is BT - or lungwort - we always call those little pink and blue flowers soldiers and sailors.
It is a lovely plant at this time of year but I agree it does get mildew and the leaves get quite ugly. Still it's worth it for the pretty flowers now when we need them most.

HelenMHunt said...

Just when I thought the weather was starting to improve, we've had a little snow today and now it's gone really cold. Brrrrrrrrr!

aims said...

As I read this it is -15C out with windchills about -22C.

Quite a difference isn't it?

Love all the photos - Buster cracked me up! And being without chocolate? Arghhh! Not even hot chocolate?

BT said...

Oh very good Jinksy!!! It is, isn't it Rach? Roof on next.

Hello Renee, I know, life is so boring without chocolate. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos too.

MarmaladeRose, your dog sounds as daft as ours!! I'm afraid he does get on the settees but at the moment we put throws over them so they can be removed if anyone comes. Buster does just the same falling asleep then falling over. A dog thing, obviously!

BT said...

Sam, situation desperate!! Send pigeon post asap! (it's quicker than Irish post). lol.

Pulmonaria, of course it is. Thank you Weaver, I knew you'd know!

Don't get too cosy with our weather Helen! You never know...

Oh aims, how ghastly, I couldn't stand that. No garden to garden either. I do have hot chocolate but it's not the same as a big chunk of milk chocolate dissolving slowly on your tongue. Salivate, salivate!

marianne said...

Poor you, no chocolate!!!!!!!!!!
everything looks so much further in your garden there, but then you have snow!!!!! Sure is crazy!
As I told you before, our day started with rain then on our way back home the sun came and for a second I thought spring was comming. Now it is blowing so hard that it looks more like autumn!
Aren´t these ATC´s lovely little projects you can do while you are busy with other things? They don´t take much time and space.
Can´t wait to see what you have made..........