Tuesday, March 10, 2009

9th March, Jim comes home. Happy Buster

The builders have been very busy today and all the roof rafters are now on the extension. By the end of the day, though, it was pouring with rain, so I didn't take a photo. Perhaps tomorrow.

I spent a lot of the morning reading blogs. The trouble with following art blogs is that you go from one to another! Each one has comments on from other artists and you can be there all day. They're all different and all fascinating in their own way.

I went out but it was cold and windy so I gathered wood for this evening and then went into the barn and had a sort out. There's always loads of sawdust about on the floor from our sawing, so I swept all that up and bagged it ready for the compost heap or the strawberry patch. Then I snipped quite a lot of the old willow for kindling. Martin and Joe had a bit of a chat then gave up for the day as they'd finished all the roof rafters and the rain got really heavy.

I made myself a 'leftovers' dinner, spaghetti, ham, 2 sausages and grated cheese plus half a tin of baked beans. It was delicious.

I could have done with a bit of green or red in it! Looks a bit pale and wan but tasted super. Lots of black pepper too.

Buster was worn out this evening and retired to bed fairly early for him. He has outgrown his bed with the bow but I think 'Daddy Jim' might bring a present with him tonight:

He really doesn't fit anymore!

He tried to put his head in but a few moments later it flopped out again.

I was idly wondering what I could put in my blog when I spotted the 'finds' from the garden, which I have stuck with blue tak to the kitchen cupboards or rather shelves. I have found lots of bits of lego and my latest find is the cute little green bottle on the shelf. I imagine the little girl out on the allotment with her Daddy, gradually losing bits of toys over time. The 'farmer' or whatever he is was a good find, and the penny:
It's a bit blurred. I liked the dart flight. The little purple thing is a bead and the long blue stick a piece of lego I think. I have found lots of kitchen things, pans, cups and saucers and other bits of larger lego. They have all been washed and are in a box upstairs for when Jack or any other child visits! They're too big to go on the wall. It's fun finding objects owned by the previous occupants, it still seems like treasure to me.

BlackJack took advantage of the fact that Buster was trying to use his bed instead of the chair and has been on that chair all evening. He's still there now:

He seems to have come out a bit of a BrownJack this evening! Happy cat, Happy Buster. Sandy's asleep upstairs.

I was expecting Jim back at midnight but he arrived early at 11pm. He brought with him the bathroom suite, polythene for the poly tunnel and lots of other things for the extension. We'll unpack all those tomorrow. But most importantly, he brought:
Buster's New Bed!!

Buster has hardly moved from it since it was put down, having given Jim lots of loving first. His old bed rather conveniently sits inside it and there's a blanket underneath that. He's in doggy heaven.
It's lovely to have Jim back. We're the kind of couple who both like our own space and are quite happy to go away for a while on our own, but it's always good to get back together again too.

Jim's just looking at my blog and the cow damage pictures. Lots of 'Oh God' and 'What a mess' coming from up in his room! Ah well, we'll sort it out. That's about it for the day. Car emptying tomorrow and trying to find 'homes' for everything.


Stampmaiden said...

Wow, a spaghetti combo! We had bacon sandwiches for dinner! I just posted some pics that I took of my first blooms (and other things) yesterday morning. I was inspired to take a look at my garden spots after viewing your blog. Thanks for nudging me outside to have a look!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Happy Buster!

marianne said...

Lovely Post Gina!
So nice to see Buster happy in his new bed and B+ack jack having the chair for himself although I likes the pictures of the 2 squeezed in the chair.
Supper looks great! I love pasta!
Glad for you your husband is home again .
Have a nice day!!!

BT said...

Mmm, bacon sandwiches Stampmaiden. Love them. I've just read your garden blog and it's wonderful. Glad I nudged you!

Happy Buster indeed Rachel.

Marianne, Buster is still in his bed this morning. Oh, the builders have just arrived so he's had to go and greet them!
Jim and I stayed up chatting until 2am, then did a bit of crossword. Back into the old routine.

Son1 said...

Glad everyone is in their rightful beds.

Why oh why, I cannot seem to lie,
With my head in my bed, oh my.... oh my.

It's not that big, "dog head size" I'd say,
But I poke it inside and it flops out all day!

Oh deep joy, it seems my problems are solved, a huge doggy bed from England I'm told!

Now I sleep soundly, after running amock, it fits my dog head and my small doggy bot!

My sleep is so peaceful no longer so tuff, snoring all nite, to get up not so "ruff"!

aims said...

Happy Buster indeed!

I've found odd things here from the previous owner. In the trees and in the old pond - under the deck. Strange things. The man was an alcoholic and apparently threw the children's toys into the trees along with a belt. Strange.

Love the pic of your gate and the lake btw. You have a little piece of heaven there Gina.

BT said...

Jason, that is superb, well done. I shall have to put it on today's blog!!
Aims, glad you like the gates and lake. It is lovely here, but often pretty wet! Like all last Summer. Your previous owner sounds very odd indeed!

DK Leather said...

wicked blog! I love the bits and bobs blue tacked onto the units - fabulous work of art in themselves!

Bella Sinclair said...

What a great and entertaining blog you have! I just knew from your comment about the circle-filled toilet wallpaper that you were probably a fun person. Little did I know, however, that you're a gardener, too! Hooray! I love gardening, but I had to leave mine in NY when we moved to Tokyo. I love that you keep all the little treasures you find in your yard. And I laughed at poor Buster falling out of his bed. Glad he got a new one. And the photos Poppy are absolutely adorable. Thank you so much for your visit!