Thursday, March 19, 2009

Off to the UK We Go. 19th March 2009

A quick and early post today. I have just returned from Shannon airport having dropped Jim off for a day trip to the UK for a meeting. I am going tonight, my plane leaves at 8pm. I think the plane I catch will be the one bringing Jim back! We'll probably pass on the corridor and wave through the glass. I have to leave the car in the car park for him or he won't get home.

Yesterday was another glorious day, warmer, if anything, than the days previously. Jim has hurt his back, probably too much mowing of the orchard the day before, so he's taking it a bit easy today. He did, however, clear out the shed, a much needed job to be done. It was getting to the stage where we couldn't find anything.

I managed to finish the vegetable plot at last and in the evening I made some ATCs. I have promised Stampmaiden some, so need to get a few done and have some for standby. I'm quite pleased with those I've done so far.

Jim had a little photo session in the orchard, so I'll post those for you. He also snapped me resting after my veg plot endeavours, with a cup of coffee.

This is the little wooded bit at the very bottom of the orchard

looking up towards the house

towards the top, bench to the left where we have tea!

Blackcurrant bushes and daffodils towards the top

One of the 2 old apple trees

the same apple tree from the side

That's our top barn to the left

Wigwam of raspberries. These are apricot colour but taste the same as red ones.

The bottom apple tree (right) surrounded by wild garlic, not yet in flower

Buster following Jim, how cool are his ears in this photo?

Here is the finished vegetable plot, all ready to be planted:

And here am I, the true gardener!I could have placed my rubber gloves a bit better!!

So I'll be away now until Tuesday, no doubt armed and dangerous with loads of photos of Jack and his pregnant mummy and Jason, my big son.


Ces said...

Have a safe journey BT. So why do you call yourself a pretend-Irish? Are you English? I see those fingers are indeed green! :) I love your place!!!!

BT said...

Hi Ces. Indeed, born and bred in England. Londoner really!! We moved here because we could buy much more land for our money!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Fabulous shots and I love the bench.

BT said...

Do you mean the one in front of the shed? It was a piece of wood that was left here. It's great and gets the last of the sun's rays.

aims said...

What a beautiful place you have Gina. Get some heat on Jim's back.

Twisted willow said...

We did indeed see pass each other either side of the glass panel that separates arrivals and departures and were able to share a wave and a few blown kisses. How soppy is that!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Gosh, what a pretty day you have photographed! Have a wonderful time in the UK!

BT said...

Hi aims, I'm back! Jim's back is improving slowly and he refused a massage this morning. I can but try! Gusty day with rain and sun today. The garden has moved on...

It was lovely to see you for a minute and wave/blow kisses Twisted Willow. We carried out the kisses this morning!!

Thanks Pamela, I did have a great time. Spoilt rotten as usual.

marianne said...

Hope you have had a fun time in the UK and a safe trip home!
Your orchard looks great! Will be heaven when everything will blossom!
The pictures is cool and I would have never noticed the gloves......

Hope Spring will soon come to our part of the world!

BT said...

Hi Marianne, I am back and did have a wonderful time thanks. I can't believe how big Jack is now. Almost 4 years old. I will write my blog when I've sorted the photos.

JJ Beattie said...

Hello BT, I just popped over after you visited mine. I love your rag rugs. I had a go at that YEARS ago. I don't think I ever finished it. *Sigh*

BT said...

Thanks JJ. Glad you like the rugs. I haven't done one for a while.