Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Garden, Lots of Photos, BlackJack too-13.3.09

Well, I did say I'd taken a lot of photos yesterday! To cheer you up, here they are. I wandered around the garden taking all sorts of things bright and cheerful:

To start with, our lovely old cottage through the gates.

2 double daffodils with the sun behind them

A host!

Double Daffodils in the sunshine

Cyclamen flowers


2 Pittisporum, pale green behind, purple in front

A newly planted euonymous

Celandine and primula, a lovely combination

A cultivated speedwell with gorgeous purple to green leaves. This is a marvel on rockeries and spreads wonderfully and grows anywhere. It flowers all summer and into the autumn.

The Deenery front garden in the sunshine towards the fairy hill

A newly planted yellowy green hebe


Inside a small tulip

Jim did a brilliant job mending the cow eaten conifer!

Taken from the outside of The Deenery down towards the sleeping shed and meadow beyond. We need to paint the posts white.

Narcissus. The sunshine cheers everything up.

These narcissus are almost fully out. They have a gorgeous scent.

Another newly planted euonymous. These will be fabulous when they're grown up!

this fabulous primula is a dazzling colour.

Look how much these tulips have come on. They are miniature ones!

Even this little pink and white saxifrage is coming out.

This is taken from the bottom corner of the arboretum up towards the cottage. The 2 beds I have been weeding are in the top left hand corner.

Sunny Daffodils

Jim's boots drying in the sun

Pink Heather

This blue tit is enjoying the nuts in the sunshine and just checking I'm not a threat.

Finally, I took some photos of BlackJack as he was sitting on top of one of the gateposts:

He was watching a bird!

Isn't he cute?

I do hope you've enjoyed these. I did take more but I think that's enough. Today it's been very windy and cloudy with rain at the end of the day. We still went out and I did some more de-weeding of the vegetable plot before the cold wind and rain drove me in. It is, of course, Red Nose Day in the UK and I watched it from 7pm until just now (2.10am) when it has almost finished. It's been a great fun night and they raised £57million! How about that. A little of it was mine too.


~Barb~ said...

OMG, BR...these are all so beautiful. Just looking at your fabulous blooms and all of the beauty you're surrounded by, you make me want to come be a squatter on your land. lol

Thank you for stopping by...I do hope you'll come back. I'm adding you to my favorites...I've loved my visit here.

Peace & Love,

DK Leather said...

Magical post, filled with colourful and bright happiness.

LOVE the boots picture best, ironically! ~grin~

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, wow! Your beautiful cottage and the garden must be absolute heaven. Everything is so gorgeous! So many different and colorful flowers and plants. Aaaah, I really miss having a garden. I don't really miss weeding and the muck, but I do miss the flowers and watching them grow with a nice sense of accomplishment.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Fabulous shots!

Ces said...

BT I LOVE your garden. I love the yellow flowers especially. Yellow is my favorite color for flowers, oh wait, I love all colors but my zodiac says yellow gives me good luck. I already told you I only have a small garden but I appreciate every flower that blooms. I have to confes, I even love the flowers of the weeds and grasses! I can't place your extension. Is it behind the cottage?

soulbrush said...

wow what a sight. it's nothing like that here in london yet. love the boots and the cat too. and those daffs, my favourite flower.

jinksy said...

Wish you were my gardener! x

aims said...

Oh Gina. You've done my frozen heart good.

It is so obvious that you both love your beautiful little corner of heaven. The care and attention you put into everything. Wow.

Loved all your flowers. I'm not a great gardener outdoors so seeing someone else's flowers - especially when it is so damn cold here.....

btw - the pic of Jim's boots caught my eye over and over again. It's a fantastic picture Gina! Worth entering into the next contest.

Son1 said...

Great pictures, looks lovely in the sun. I watched comic relief, fun, but some heart rendering bits as always. Did you see the small coffin, and the dad burying his kid. They watched the shilkd slip inot a malaria coma. I wrote this as we watched, hope you dont mind me posting it, this is an easy way for me to share it with you. It's simple but I dont know the complexities of writing poetry. It was me thinking how it must feel for the parent at that time.

Not very jolly, but tell me what you thik?

A Small Box

If I could push my fingers through my chest
Tear out my heart, with it, my breath
My life is over, I cannot watch
Behind my eyes, a tiny box

It isn’t right, it cannot be
I watched his chest rise eternally
A silent cry I feel inside
Small chest just falls, please rise, please rise

My angel, my life, my hope, my me
My everything I hoped your life would be
Told time and life will carry me through
Look in my eyes, it’s just not true.

I walk again alone, amongst the trees
To stop and fall upon my knees
Through blurred tired eyes, look to the sky
I plead, I beg, life pass me by.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for the guided tour of your garden BT - really enjoyed it. It is interesting to see how much further forward the plants are than ours here.

Bea said...

What a beautiful piece of heaven you have. I love your photos. Thank you for sharing them with us. It's so nice to know that Spring has arrived somewhere. :)Bea

BT said...

Barb, great to see you and I'm so glad you liked my photos. You're welcome to be a squatter!! I will re-visit you, that's for sure.

DK, thanks so much. I love the boots photo too and I knew you and Rach would!!

Bella, welcome back again. I couldn't live without a garden of some sort and Ilove the muck and mess!!

Thanks Rachel

BT said...

Hi Ces, I'm glad you like my garden too. I love every flower and always notice when something blooms for the first time each year. The little blue scilla are out today. So pretty. Indeed you are right about the extension, it is round the back. At the front, the ground rises up so it would have been difficult to put it there, also the view from the back is fabulous!

BT said...

Hi soulbrush. I love the boots too. One of my favourites and BlackJack of course. He's very photogenic!

Jinksy, I'd love to be your gardener, but I think you're a little far away!

aims, you little star. Thank you and I'm glad I warmed you!! You need it over there. The boots photo is obvously popular and may make an appearance in a competition!

BT said...

Jason, I saw your poem on facebook and left a comment. I'm not great poetry expert either but I think yours is beautiful, very expressive and emotional. That's good enough for me. I did see that little coffin. Awful. I watched the whole programme almost to the end, but most of the last part was full of repeats anyway. I did my donation thing too.

BT said...

Hi Weaver, it's amazing we are further on than London at the moment. That's unusual. Maybe the flowers are celebrating Ireland's rugby wins!

Bea, thank you for visiting and I'm so glad you enjoyed my garden tour! There's also 3 acres of meadow and a 1 acre orchard!! The blossom isn't out yet though.

marianne said...

Wonderful pictures! Looks like you have better weather than her....
Are you living in the Subtropical part of Ireland?
I hope it will be a sunny day today, then I can work some in the garden.......
Your cat looks great, I love his little moustache!
I came home yesterday and found your mail with 2 lovely ATC´s inside! They are gorgeous! The little cat!!!!!!
Thanks so much dear!
And the card made with the leaves! Truly beautiful!
Have a nice Sunday!

Stampmaiden said...

BT! Wow! I had so much fun "walking" through your garden. Absolutely lovely. BTW, "double" anything as far as flowers go are my favorite! I'm sure you've seen double impatients. Oh, they look like tiny roses and I think I'll make them a project of mine this spring/summer.
Love the boots! Oh and little BlackJack is a beaut. I could just pick him up and hold him close to me.

Björnik said...

Hi BT. What a lovely garden you have there. Blackjack must be having a great time prowling and chasing critters around.

Arija said...

What a wonderful garden you two have established. The gates make your cottage look like a manor house!
Sorry I haven't been around for a while, things have been a bit of a strain.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh my stars. I feel like I've just been plopped down right in the center of Spring! You are much farther along than we are here. Such wonderful flowers you have. Those daffodils are exquisite. And great photos of Blackjack!! Happy Sunday!

BT said...

Marianne, I don't think Ireland has a sub-tropical part! We're in a bog here! I'm so glad you've received your ATCs and like them and the card too. Thank you so much for calling!

Hello Linda, so glad you enjoyed the garden tour. I loved taking the photos. It's dropped cold again since then. I love the double impatiens, they are, indeed, like little roses. They flower so readily too. BlackJack is a cutie and loves to be cuddled and stroked. My other cat, Sandy, is just as bad!

Bjornik, I'm honoured to have you visit my blog. It's Sandy, my ginger and white cat, who does most of the mouse catching! Then my dog Buster pinches them if he can.

Arija, I've missed you. I hope you're ok now. Thanks for your visit. Our cottage is very tiny! But we are having an extension, so it is getting bigger.

Pamela, we do seem to be further on than usual here. It's lovely to see everything bursting into life. Wish I had the same energy!