Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday, 20.8.08 Sun, Rain, Sun!

I seem to have missed yesterday. Jim had an abortive journey with the car to Galway. The garage didn't have the parts, so he had to go back again this morning! I had a lovely day with Buster though. I decided not to panic when he went missing but just wait. He came back each time and saved us both a lot of hassle. As I poddled about the garden, he followed. I cleared the broad beans and Buster helped me dig! My back ached a bit so I did some 'sitting down' work, ie, weeding the parking area and Buster managed to climb onto the roof of the water pump housing and lay there peacefully with Sandy. It was lovely.

Jim did some shopping while he was waiting and bought Buster a new bed. Buster was most
impressed and is fast asleep in it now. It has to be an improvement on his old bed, a rather disgusting old cardboard box. He had outgrown the cats' bed.

Buster's Old Bed

Buster's New Bed (he's not sure about the little bow on the front)

He still won't part with his old de-stuffed dolly. Her head is about to fall off any day, that'll be the final disaster.

Today Jim had to go off early again to take the car.... they did have the parts in today. He hit the shops again and came back this time with:

A new bed for the cats! They have both tried it out and seem to approve.
BlackJack refused to stay in it when I tried to take a photo.

As for me today, I started off with a leisurely bath, then up into the garden to carry on clearing the beans plot. It was so wet, I could hardly lift the spade, so I gave up on that. This is what it looks like now:

The greenery in the foreground - they're Jim's carrots! And very nice they are too.

I keep going on about the parking area, so I thought I'd better show it, so you can see why it's taking so long. For one thing, the bit I did at first is now mostly green again, as the new grass has grown through.

To the left you can just see the pump housing. The weedy patch here has gone now, I did that today. Can you see the old plough just opposite the pump? We have 2 of those.

This is the section up to the gate. Mostly done, the green patch you can see is secondary growth.

The bottom section (plus Buster). The other plough is on the right, you can just see the handles sticking out.

I managed to take some photos of the flowers today too, as they are fading a bit now that Autumn is approaching. I only found one rose fit to be photographed. The rest have all suffered
with the wet. So here are the ones I did take:

I love the flat topped flower heads of the yellow achillea. The pink flowers are cosmos, Jim grew those from seed

This is a bright orange montbretia. The honey bee has pollen sacks bursting with pollen.

These pretty red and pink begonia brighten up a dull corner. They have flowered all Summer

These are our first blueberries. We planted 3 bushes in the Spring. Not quite
enough for jam this year

This stunning California Poppy self seeded into our garden. I hope we gets lots more next year

This fish happily belches out sedum on the rockery

Our rather dilapidated gnome plays his pipe for the haughty fairy on the fairy hill, where else!

These stripey marigolds are quite stunning

Beautiful rose bud

The huge onion flowers have left wonderful seed heads

I think that's enough for one day.

It's been a bit of a disaster on my 60th birthday front. Jim was arranging a surprise lunch for me on the day after my birthday, as his son gets married on the 6th Sept, the actual day. My young son has let the cat out of the bag by putting a message on Facebook, which of course I read. Silly boy, he'll be mortified when he realises what he's done. So it's all cancelled now! Apparently, there were other complications, which meant Jim was considering calling it off anyway. Ah well, best laid plans and all that.

I still have my surprise trip away. Well, I know we're going away but not where to, except that it should be warm. Intriguing.


DK Green said...

wonderful pictures, especially love the amazing colours of the flowers today!

Ratbagpoohead re party!!!

Still, I'm glad you're getting a whizzo holiday somewhere secrit - good job that man! :-D


DJ Kirkby said...

You are an excellent photorapher. So nice to see that busy bee with all the scares around bees dying off at the moment. I love poppies. Those pet beds sure look comfy too. I would like a veg patch that large. We have a applied for an allotment but there is a 2 year waiting list!

Leatherdykeuk said...

What fantastic shots!

Sorry about the lunch. That's such a shame.

ChrisH said...

I do enjoy a tour of other folks' gardens - we live high up on the coast and anything that dares to poke its head out the grown is blasted by strong, salty wind.

The photos of the pets with their new beds are nice too!

willow said...

Love your gnome and fairy!!! And Buster does have a tenative look on his face, sitting in that cute new bed with the bow. It's not quite as manly as his old bed. :D

Pam said...

Came here via Willow. I've had fun!I liked the tour,thanks.I'll visit again.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Buster looks quite the grand fellow in his new bed! Edward loves his bed, but ususally doesn't spend much time there in summer. When it's colder, that's his favorite place. Good for Buster!

Is'nt it fun working in the garden when the dog comes along to help?
Love your flower photos! Really pretty!

BT said...

Thanks K. Ah well about party. These things happen!

Thanks for the compliment dj. We have thousands of bees, no problems here. I hope you get your allotment soon.

Thanks Rach. Chrish, I mis-read your reply and though you'd put 'old folks' gardens'!!! LOL. I love poking round anyone's garden too.

Willow, Buster was sick in the car in his old bed today, so it's really finished with now! The gnome was one that Jim and his wife have had for years (sadly she died from cancer).

BT said...

pam, lovely to 'meet' you. I do hope you call again. I take lots of photos and write a little bit too.

Edward, thanks for visiting, I'm sure you appreciate Buster's new bed. The cats' bed is up in Jim's office now, so they have peace away from Buster. Glad you like the flowers, I love taking flower pictures, as you can see!

aims said...

Hey Gina. Why don't you just get some Roundup for the parking area? A bottle might do the trick. Beats wasting all that time weeding only to have it all grow up again.

Love all the pics as usual. Buster is a cutie isn't he? I was away yesterday at my brother's so am working my way backwards. Read the following post first and left a comment about the dog. Now I see he has been sick the day before in the car. Does indeed sound like car sickness. Hopefully he'll grow out of it.

Hope you are getting references on the builders - like places they have worked on that you can go and have a look at.