Friday, August 29, 2008

Thursday, 28.8.08 Funny Old Day

Well the day started off ok. Bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds. Jim had to go to Gort as Lidl had some specials he wanted to buy today. I fiddled around inside, made 2 more ATCs last night and this morning. Didn't go to bed until 4am. Hopeless.

As it was fine, I headed outside. Jim had mentioned that the beds on the arboretum were very weedy - and they were. I weeded one and trimmed the grass around the edge, was halfway through the other when our neighbour called. She and her husband drive across our land, down a road to their land. They have been a bit odd for a while but insisted nothing was amiss. She then said she'd been in hospital with a heart attack. Now she does have a tendency to exaggerate, so it was probably palpitations! Anyway, her husband is now in hospital, having been bitten all over I gather. Now if anything is about that bites, it bites me! I always put deet on before I do anything but they don't believe in anything like that and use tee tree oil. Which, of course, doesn't work!

The upshot of this is that she wanted me to come and look at the side of the road, where it is muddy, and for Jim to remove this mud so that her husband won't get bitten!! Sandra (her name), was going to clear it then thought 'no, it's Jim's water, why should I clear it'! Well, actually it's rain, and I don't think Jim's responsible for that. Now we live in Ireland, in a very boggy area and they live on 1 acre, below us so are even more susceptible to flies than we are, if that's possible! I couldn't quite believe my ears and for the first time made my views clear that I thought she was making a bit of a fuss over nothing! She said the mud was 'four feet deep'. A stick poked in showed it was 1 foot deep! There weren't any flies about either! She said I needed new glasses (I had contacts in). So it went from bad to worse. I hate hate hate falling out with anyone but somehow we could feel it coming.

They had fallen out big style with the previous owner. Mostly over water going down over their land, causing lots of flies! We had made a big point of laying a pipe across the road to divert the water off in another direction so that it wouldn't go on their land. Of course, where it used to go is now just mud, as the water no longer flows down there. Jim had taken Buster to the woods for a walk, so missed all the excitement. Of course, on his return, he was just a bit cross! We are obliged to provide them access to their land, which of course they have via a wide road. We also cut down some branches of trees on that road as they said it was dark and muddy. No more we cry!

I was quite upset by the whole thing. I thought life was looking too rosy at the moment. The trouble is, Sandra is a bit potty! So no matter how we explain that it isn't the mud causing the problem but the fact that we live where we do, she won't listen. They also feed their cats outside and leave the tins around! But I know if I mention these things, it'll go in one ear and out the other and it'll still be the fault of 'our mud'!!!

Sorry to go on, but it kind of ruined a pleasant day. Ah well, I'm up early to go to the airport for my trip to see my daughter and family, so must try and put it out of my mind. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to blog there, if not, I'm back next Monday, so be good everyone.

Jim took some photos in the walk/wood today. Just a few, so I'll pop them on:

It's those bull rushes again!

Buster in Dillons' Wood

Dillons' wood minus Buster. I rather like this one, the trees all seem to be leaning inwards

Lough Graney reflections

Mossy tree, I love this one too.

I really am off to bed now!


DK Green said...

beautiful pictures mummy :-)

I'm sure you can blog from here too, don't worry!

Ces said...

Your neighbor is crazy. If this is the area where you live (which is lovely by the way), she has no business living there. She should live in the city where the streets are paved and the grass is mowed and edged. I have a couple of neighbors like those. Esta loca. They even called the sheriff because my son walked on the sidewalk in front of their house. One cannot argue with insane and illogocal people but they irritate the hell out of me.

Ces said...

Illogical, I mean.

DJ Kirkby said...

Those photos are perfect, your neighbors sound elss so. I am sorry for you but can offer no advice as I am not the type of person that cultivates good relationships with neighbors...I mostly igonre them :)

Leatherdykeuk said...

How awful for you. You can't exactly ignore them if they have to drive over your land. So sorry.

Sam said...

Breathe and relax...... better? Its sad but I think it will be a case of keeping yourselves to yourselves? Loving the buster photos, looks like he is very much at home now and enjoying his walks. Have a nice time at Kays and try and put it out of your mind XXX

ChrisH said...

Doh! There's always some fly in the ointment, isn't there? I'm sorry they're giving you a rough time... I hope they find something to distract themselves and leave you alone to enjoy your beautiful home.

willow said...

Your mud? Your flies? Oh, puh-leeeze!! She's crazy!!

These pix are lovely. You do live in a heavenly spot of the world!!

aims said...

First off Gina - I think the fact that he's in the 'hospital' because of bites probably has that woman really upset. You have to wonder how many and what kind.

She should have waited until she calmed down before talking to you about this.

That being said - all she did was accuse - and everyone is going to get their backs up whenever anyone does that. It's obvious you have tried to go out of your way for them - but there does come the time when enough is enough.

I think the next time she tries to accuse you of anything - give her the hand. You know - hold up your hand and tell her to talk to it.

I think I've mentioned my neighbour 3 doors down who is totally inconsiderate of the whole neighbourhood. He moved in 3 years ago and its been nothing but hell since he did. The thought that I didn't want to live in my beautiful blue barn actually crossed my mind because of all the fray. I was shocked that it did! My barn means so much to me! But between the neighbour and the police - well - sigh. (I'm not ever leaving the barn btw)

Now. Enjoy yourself over at K's. You will have to talk about it for a bit and get it out of your system - but try to let it go while your on holiday. Those people don't deserve any more thought than that.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh I am sorry! Disaggreements with neighbors are the worst. Of course, I would probably have tended to pop off and ask, given her unpleasant nature, if it could possibly had been she that had bitten her husband. And, I would have gotten into more trouble, wouldn't I?

Forget about it and have fun in London!

BT said...

Wow, so lovely to have all that support, I feel so much better now. Thank you all so much. It seems this is following a previous pattern of behaviour with the owners of our cottage. They were fine to start with then started complaining about all the water from 'our' land and the flies! Talk to God, I say!

Jim is still at home and hasn't seen her today. Hopefully it'll blow over.

We have often remarked that the lifestyle doesn't really seem to suit them.

djk, glad you like the photos. I always believe the best of people, Jim was a bit suspicious from the start!

Wow, Sam, good to hear from you and thanks. We're ok now, have calmed down and I just hope they don't start anything else. We'll just keep to ourselves!

Thanks Chrish too. I think they are pretty miserable with their life and that's half the problem.

Willow, you made me laugh! We breed the flies especially and train them to go down to theirs!

Aims, the problem is that Pete (her man) is a bit like me, always gets bitten by anything at all bitey! But because Sandra doesn't believe in any 'chemicals' he isn't allowed to put proper anti mozzy stuff on. I never venture out without being covered in deet based prevention, so I mostly avoid the bites. If I didn't use it, I'd be in the next bed to him in hospital!

I'm sorry you have an awful neighbour too. It's such a shame when one person ruins a neighbourhood. We were invited down the road to a party and our neighbours weren't - as various folk had fallen out with them. Should have learnt from that.

Oh Pamela, you are naughty! I just hope it all blows over. Watch this space. In the meantime, I'm here in Derbyshire with K and family being spoilt rotten. Fabulous.
Thanks again everyone,

Olga/Maddie said...

Gina, I'm very sorry to hear about how the neighbour treated you. :(.

You didn't deserve that. And she sounds like a right headcase to me.

If you have to deal with her, then it's probably best to just be both civil and polite (though I'm sure the urge to both tell her and throttle her pops into mind. And I wouldn't blame you for feeling this way) with her.

But otherwise, just ignore her.

And I feel badly for her husband. Both being in the hospital and having to put up with her. :(.

I do hope that he is okay and I'm thinking of him.

As well, I'm thinking of you. And I hope that you have a marvellous time with both DK, Rachel, Luisa, and the rest of the family. *big big smile*

Hugs. *HG*

God bless and take care. :).

P.S.: If the worst this woman has to complain
about is getting bitten, then she is
very lucky indeed!