Saturday, August 9, 2008

Photos and More Photos, Manic Life, 9.8.08

Phew, I think I'll meet myself coming back soon. What a mad couple of days it's been. I have made my 2 cards today. Well, one of them was easy as I did what I'd normally do and just 'have a go', then I tried to copy one from a book. Hmmm, not so good. It's of a clown and the card bent with all the things glued on it, so it's now on my desk under a huge pile of heavy books! If it's not better by tomorrow I'll have to make another one.

It was lovely and sunny today, a rarity for us, so we spent much of the day taking more photos of bees, butterflies and all things flora and fauna! Jim took a superb close up of a bee and we both managed to get loads of quite good shots. Buster ran round and round and in and out of the long meadow grass. He slept much of the time afterwards, totally worn out!

Jim went to the community centre to help set out the tables for the show. I stayed and did my cards as I can't lift much anyway. Having said that, with his back, neither can Jim.

We have to get everything ready to take tomorrow evening, leaving us free to take o
ther folks' entries and not have to worry about ours. All except the flowers. It is now absolutely tipping it down, so I suspect the flowers we were going to take will be destroyed. How maddening.

Jim has been printing off some of our new photos and we'll make final decision
s on competition shots tomorrow, in the daylight. I have to trim them all and mark the class and our competitor number on the back of each one.

Sorry, going on and on about the show but it's filling our lives at the moment. Roll on Monday.

Thanks aims for adding my blog. I'm thrilled.

Here are just some of the many many photos I took today:

Now this photo was actually taken upside down! These 2 mating butterflies landed on my wellington boot, so I bent over and took their picture! Then turned the photo 180 degrees and there you have it! They also landed on my fingers, shown below!

I rather like this one of a bee on a 'hardhead' as we call them with the grass at the side

This little chap is on some gorgeous purple loosestrife

Look at the long tongue on this leggy bee

A beautiful orange fritillary butterfly on one of our grown from seed marigolds

I'm rather proud of this one

I love this gorgeous little round bee just taking off from a gladioli! It was so tiny, you can see his little legs dangling down.

I think that's about it for now. There'll be some of the show of course, but not until Monday, that's if it's stopped raining of course.



willow said...

Hi, Gina, thanks for stopping over at Willow Manor tonight! It is so fun to meet people with like interests. I'm fascinated that your father played at the Royal Opera House! I also love opera and my daughter is an opera singer.

Your pictures are stunning. I especially like the close up of the bee!

Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Willow x o

Leatherdykeuk said...

Fantastic shots, Gina. That fritillary is as good as a book photograph

aims said...

I agree with everyone here. Rachel got the word in on the fritillary before me - of course!

Your pictures are stunning Gina! And to have butterflies land on your fingers - how very special. I would love that!

Of course you are going on and on about the show...I would be too...and probably will be....good luck!

BT said...

Thanks for the great comments one and all. Great to meet you too Willow. Now the show is over, thank goodness.