Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday, 23.8.08 Rain Stopped Play

For once the weather man got it right and it's poured it down almost all day. I managed to run round the meadow path with Buster twice before the rain came again and just before our evening meal I walked along the path to Kevin's farm. The sky was very threatening but the rain stayed away just long enough. I've often worried about how Buster might react to cows and whether he would chase them. The cows were right next to the fence today and Buster was very curious. He headed towards them, but as soon as they turned to him, he fled back under the fence. When one of them 'mood' he didn't like it one bit. Long may that continue.

I always take some little treats with me to encourage Buster to come back to me if he's wandered off. On our woodland walk, he discovered a taste for blackberries! I was eating them and he was curious, so I gave him one. Yum. He then got the whole bunch in his mouth and chomped away. What a strange dog. The blackberries on Kevin's lane weren't as ripe and juicy but we still managed to find a few to eat. On the woodland walk, I took this photo of the first blackberries we found. Very shortly after I took it, they were gone!

The rain today was that thick, heavy drizzle. It was also very windy, which blew the rain sideways. All very unpleasant, unless you're inside looking out, which is where we were most of the day.

I watched various relay races on the Olympics, boxing and diving. Jim watched some cricket from Gloucester, but even there, rain stopped play. A very relaxing and lazy day in all. I'm making a couple more ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and must put them on a swap site.

Not a photo was taken today, so I'll put on a couple I haven't posted before.

I took this shot of a great tit on the nut feeder. I just caught his wing beat.

These are the berries from Arum lilies or Lords and Ladies, as they are sometimes called. Not quite ripe yet. They were in the hedgerow. Such a striking contrast against the rich greens

Montbretia is now officially classified as a wild flower in Ireland. It seems to get everywhere. We have huge swathes of it on our land. This one was down by the lake, the first I have seen there.

This wonderful old tractor belong to one of the Dillon family as in 'Dillon's wood'. I don't think it goes any more! Taken yesterday, as were those above.

This is the view from the highest point of our meadow to Lough Graney and the hills of Tipperary beyond.

By way of a change, I'll put on the photos of the ATCs that I have done so far. Or rather the ones that have been scanned. Just to cheer the place up a bit!


Be Afraid

Cat in a cage 3rd of 3

Behind the curtain

I have done a few more, but they haven't been scanned yet. It's a real challenge to make a picture so small, they are only 6cms x 9cms. I am trying out various ideas as I'm new to this adventure. I love working with material mostly.

Thanks to my daughter K who has just put my favourite blogs on for me as I'm not the most computer literate person in the world. See you soon K.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I've never given Edward a blackberry, but he does love carrots! And Apple is quite partial to green beans.

Thanks for sharing your lovely artwork! I'd love to see more.

And, thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I means a lot to know someone's out there in the ether!

Happy Weekend!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Lovely cards!

I love wild arums. You don't see them around here like we used to in Darley Dale or Worcestershire.

Holly dog used to wander about picking her own blackberries. If I took her for a walk she's come back with purple jaws.

Ces said...

Those blackberries look awfully delicious! The contrast is striking indeed.

aims said...

I had never heard of 'art cards' until Rachel mentioned them. At least I think it was Rachel. My brain is such a sieve at times.

Yours are so striking! What do people do with them Gina? Where do you trade them?

I have of course never tasted blackberries. They look delicious...almost like a rasberry.

And that view - oh my I sighed. You seem to live in a piece of heaven Gina.

willow said...

Nice artwork, BT! You should join the art card swap at StevieWren's place. Take a look and sign up!

BT said...

I knew a dog who loved cucumber, Pamela! Weird creatures.

Rach, Buster has eaten loads of blackberries today! But his mouth doesn't show the purple.

Thanks for your visit, Ces.

Aims, never had a blackberry? Don't they get imported? They are a bit more 'woody' than raspberries. Really fat, juicy ripe ones are gorgeous.

Now ATCs. They are little cards that people swap. The only real rule is the size. They have to be 2.5" x 3.5". Also they must not be sold, only given or swapped. They have only been in existence since 1996. The idea is for artists to network with one another, to gift a part of their art to another and receive one in return. Rachel can tell you more. She's the expert. I gave my first ATC to Rachel.

BT said...

Thanks willow. I looked at that lovely site but they only swap postcards. The ATCs are smaller. I might graduate to postcard size and will keep the website. Many thanks