Friday, August 15, 2008

More bloomin' Rain, 14, 15 August 2008

Will it ever end? Well, actually it did for a few hours yesterday afternoon. We really enjoyed the break outside, Jim dug up the rest of the onions for storage and dug the area over and I tidied up the rockery, cutting down the dead annuals and weeding. It looks so much better now. I also cut the grass around the front of the rockery, but the rain came down just before I'd finished it.

While in the middle of doing the rockery, a voice from over the wall said 'Have you lost a dog?' It was our neighbour, Pete, and Buster had gone down the road at the back to their house. This is the one thing we've been worried about, as they have 2 cats and he'd think it great to 'play' with them. I locked him in our conservatory for a while to try and teach him the error of his ways. We don't want him to become a nuisance.

Today it rained almost all day. Jim went out to the barn to turn the onions and Buster
went with him. I attacked my mountain of ironing, which is slowly turning into a hill. Buster disappeared. Pete re-appeared with him again. Jim got very worried and we locked him in the conservatory again, this time for longer. He howled! As a Foxhound, he has an amazing bark, 'baying' is what they call it! Great out on a hunt, not so good in the house. Fingers crossed he's learnt his lesson, though I wouldn't put money on it.

I rang the architect today to see whether he'd had any quotes from our prospective builders. He has had two verbally, but not in writing. Ye gods, will we ever get this build done? We also need to get a new boiler, we're going for a wood pellet burner as it's a renewable source of fuel. So, do we get the boiler fitted first? Do we manage with Stanley until the immersion heater has been moved into the bathroom first? Worry worry.

Lots of Olympics to watch today and yesterday. We won a superb gol
d against France today in the mens' team pursuit. We're due a few in the sailing too, led by Ben Ainslie. Fingers crossed for that, and one in the swimming with Rebecca Addlington in her freestyle race. Will the lovely Paula Radcliffe run in the marathon? Will she win? Hmmm, I have my doubts, I must say.

I promised yesterday to post some of the other photos of the lake on my woodland walk. As I haven't taken any more for 2 days because of the weather, I will do so and some of the others I took.

aims, I'll try and dig out those old photos, but some my still be in the UK. I'll have a look.

Thanks for reading my rather humdrum blog all, I love getting those comments.

The path rises up through the wood. Buster heads off the path to investigate some lovely smells.

The inevitable litter. Buster investigates a tin can. I usually pick this sort of stuff up, as I can't stand litter, but hadn't taken a bag. Next time.

On the wood's floor, glistening leaves make a bed for this rotting log, also covered in moss and the same ferns

More litter, this time some fishing line, so dangerous to animals. I picked this
up and put it in my pocket. Pretty colour contrast though

Lough Graney through the trees. Grasses in the water

The village on the hillside opposite is Flagmount. The lake looks glass like on occasions.

This view is towards our cottage, although it is down a dip, so you can't see it. If the lake really was at this angle, all the water would flow out of it!!

Lovely reflection of Flagmount hillside. The flowers in the foreground would normally not be in the water.

The little red bump is a new fungi just appearing out of the ground. Lichen above it.

And finally some mosses, all glistening with the damp air. I love the different kinds you can get

The one on the left looks like a forest of miniature pine trees

Jim's just played Albinoni's Adagio above me. Glorious music to blog by. (see note below)

Just for fun, Sandy is cleaning BlackJack on our gatepost. Sandy never stops washing. BlackJack finds the whole thing too tedious. On the left as you look at it, you can see Sandy's other front paw holding BJ still!!

Adagio in G minor

Adagio in G minor for strings and organ is a piece composed by Remo Giazotto and first published in 1958.

It was supposedly based on a fragment from a Sonata in G minor by Tomaso Albinoni purportedly found amongst the ruins of the old Saxon State Library, Dresden, after it was firebombed by the Allies during World War II. It is usually referred to as "Albinoni's Adagio", or "Adagio in G minor by Albinoni, arranged by Giazotto", but it is Giazotto's original work, and contains no Albinoni material.

The Adagio is most commonly orchestrated for string ensemble and organ, or string ensemble alone.


DK Green said...

That is Rachel's very favourite piece of music, truly!

LOVE the lichens & mosses and the cats one is superb!

I love your blog posts momma :-) xxx

Leatherdykeuk said...

Yes, my absolute favourite indeed :) I mentioned it on Monday.

I love all the close up shots and the lough looks gloriously moody.

BT said...

Thank you both for your lovely comments. I love the adagio too. So beautiful.

Glad you like the photos too, I was surprised at how well they turned out considering it was so dark in the wood.


willow said...

Mosses, ferns and adagios. Sigh. I'm in heaven.

aims said...

Ah! DK said it before me! I did recollect that Rachel had said she wanted this played at her funeral.

And as I scroll down - there's Rachel mentioning it too!

Can you swim in that lake? Or is it too cold? It looks so beautiful. We have so very few lakes here in Alberta. Rivers and such - but not many lakes and all are freezing as they are created by glacial runoff - or they are a slough...which is just icky.

A lovely almost dreamy kind of post Gina. I loved the cats...being a cat cute!

BT said...

aims: Can you swim in that lake? Or is it too cold?

I've never tried, aims, but there is a sort of 'beach' up one end and one time we went there, loads of people were swimming. It's very shallow at the top end. We paddled I think! It's popular for fishing.