Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another Builder, 2.8.08

I managed to drag myself out of bed first this morning, fed and watered Buster, pees and poos done! Took him (and Sandy) for a walk, finding a large, empty field, we walked the whole of the perimeter. It was rather soggy underfoot and larger than I'd though. Walked slowly back up the hill. Sandy was dragging behind, so much so that I had to carry him much of the way. Pets! Buster behaved beautifully, coming back to me every time I called. I gave him a little treat each time. If nothing else works, maybe bribery will. Back home where I had a hot, bubbly bath. Luxury.

This afternoon, builder number 2 was due to call 'after 1pm'. He did turn up about 3.30 and was much more picky than John had been. Worried about access for the cement lorry, drainage, etc, etc. He'll probably be too expensive for us anyway, so I'm not overly worried. He brought with him a small boy. I asked what his name was and Martin replied 'Keet' or so I thought. It turned out it was Keith! The Irish never seem to pronounce 'th' at the end of a word. Fancy naming a child with one you can't pronounce!

Jim put his back out yet again picking the dog up when he'd been bad and carrying him to his outside pen. Foolish man. He was therefore pretty down for the rest of the day, having just got back on his feet. We ended up with the inevitable row, so I went outside until it got dark, yet again tackling more of the parking area. Jim's just sloped off to bed, banging the door behind him. I'm sure it's all my fault!!!

Earlier in the day Jim made Gingered Rhubarb and orange Jelly, lovely stuff. That's about it for all the jam/jelly making as the fruit has about finished. He's made:

5 jars of blackcurrant jelly
2 jars of blackcurrant jam
2 jars of redcurrant jelly
some gooseberry and something and
5 jars of gingered rhubarb jelly.

They should keep us going for a while. Some of it is going into Gort Show on Sunday. I'll let you know how he gets on.

Oh, to cap it all, England lost to South Africa in the latest test match. It was close at least. I can see Michael Vaughan being replaced as captain at the end of this season.

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aims said...

Oh Gina! Us bad back lots are a cranky bunch. And we blame every little problem and upset on others because we can't pinpoint the problem is right behind us - in our back .... and usually lower back. Which means of course - we are just a short-tempered bunch who can't bend over without thinking the resulting pain is from you smiling. And of course - to make matters worse - we won't give up doing things we shouldn't because we don't believe that it is going to hurt us. So ya - pick up that dog!

However - The injections in my back - although the worst thing I've ever gone through - have made life more than bearable. I am almost free from pain!