Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday, 21.8.08 Trip to Ennis

Today we had a bit of a lie in. The animals didn't seem to mind, perhaps too comfortable in their new beds! We thought we ought to try and sort out our new heating system before the winter sets in and the building work starts, so went to a showroom in Ennis to see some. We took Buster and he actually jumped into the back of the car himself, instead of running away today. A great improvement.

We are getting a wood pellet boiler, renewable energy has to be the best thing and the previous ones we'd seen weren't very attractive. The one we've picked is a splendid looking beast and should sit well in our kitchen/diner. It has red tiles at the side and on half the top. Very swish. It's just over 4000 euros, so not cheap, but much cheaper to run than oil or gas (which we don't have, only bottled gas) and better for the environment. There is also a government grant of 1400 euros so that will help. I can't wait, no more chopping wood for Stanley, no more belching smoke into the kitchen.

Buster is obviously not a very good traveller as he was sick just outside Ennis. Poor thing. We'll have to get him some travel sickness pills, I gather they do them for dogs. He soon perked up when I took him for a little run though. We also decided that the 'halti' we had bought for
him, to try and stop him pulling, wasn't working, so we bought him a splendid black harness today. This goes round the front of his body and the lead clips to it, so you are not pulling his neck all the time. Much better and he didn't mind it at all. He hated the halti and after a short walk would sit down and refuse to go on!

We rushed home as the third builder was coming to have a look round with a view to quoting for the building work and extension. A father and son team, they were very personable but found several things which 'worried' them. We'll have to wait for their quote, then decide on which one to go with. The other 2 quotes weren't too bad, but Jim didn't like one of the builders, so far the cheapest!

Jim finished Buster's outside kennel this evening. A splendid little house it is too. We carried it into his 'pen' but then the builder arrived, so he hasn't tried it yet. He is too funny with one of his toys. I bought an orange squeaky ball, only small, but it has a smiley face on one side. Buster doesn't like it at all and howls at it! I tried to take a photo of him showing him howling but it was too hard!

Pizza and garden grown lettuce for dinner, then a leisurely evening on the computer for us both. I wrote a 'wish list' for my birthday as people have been asking Jim what I want. I never have any idea but managed to think of a few things. I love crafting books and have seen some on Amazon I desire!

Just a few odd photos today:

Our first lot of swallows in the barn were killed by a kestrel. One pair have had a second brood. You can just see 2 large baby beaks sticking out of the nest. Jim took this photo. I love it.

Sandy climbed onto this bench (very overgrown with weeds), so Buster did too.

'What's that down there , Sandy?'

There are masses of holly berries, but as yet they are still all green.

This pretty red grass on the rockery is appropriately called 'Red Baron'

This is the now weeded strawberry bed. All very smart.

Inside the house, I've had a couple of things to hang on the wall kicking about for ages, and now they are actually in situ!

The Odd Couple now on my temporary office wall.

I decorated this frame for the Gort Show. The photo inside is one of mine too. This is on the bathroom wall.

This mirror is also in the bathroom. It was a present from a friend I play scrabulous with on Facebook. When I visited Australia in March this year, I went and visited her in Lismore. She decorates mirrors and lamps with old jewellery.

Forgive the flash glare on this. I'm sure many of you will have seen this and know the poem written on it. When we were small, an identical one used to hang on our bathroom wall. My brother, sister and I can all recite the poem to this day. A friend spotted this in an antique shop and bought it for me. I cried when I opened it!

'Please Remember, don't forget
Never leave the bathroom wet
Nor leave the soap under the water
That's a thing you NEVER oughta
Nor leave the towels about the floor
Nor keep the bath an hour or more
When other folks are wanting one
Please don't forget - it isn't done!'

By Winifred Lucy Atwell.

The little boy on the plaque looks exactly like my brother did at that age. He had a mop of thick black curly hair too.

I'm off to bed now as it's 3.15am.

Good night all.


Leatherdykeuk said...

So where do the pellets come from for the new stove?

BT said...

There are various suppliers all over Ireland. It's waste from sawmills and such like.

aims said...

I have a friend who has a pellet stove and says it really kicks out the heat! They are becoming 'the thing' to have!

The car sickness pills might be a lot like gravol and make the dog really sleepy. I'd be careful on those. Might be he just needs more time 'travelling' in a car. Practice runs so to speak.

Love the pics. The one of the dog and cat looking cute! And the odd couple - really you two isn't it?

I've never seen that bathroom poem. Very cute. Sounds very British to me.

BT said...

Thanks for the car sickness pills info aims. I'll have a chat with the vet next time I'm there.

As for the boiler, the choice here for us is oil or bottled gas. Oil is SO expensive, so out of the question so it seemed the pellet boiler was the best option. We're hoping it belts out the heat!

Oh yes, the odd couple, Gina and Jim!

solipsist said...

Thanks for the "Please Remember, Don't Forget", I am looking for just such a plaque for my 19-month old son.

I grew up with that in the bathroom, and like you, I can still recite it. I am 46 now, and so, thought that I would never see it again (I will make one for him, as I am an artist).

I will feed him with Enid Blyton, Rupert Bear, etc., too. I loved all of that when I was a kid. I always was especially fond of Noddy and Blinky, and still want a (real) car that looks like Blinky.

Vancouver, BC