Saturday, August 30, 2008

30 August 2008 K's BIRTHDAY

For once I didn't have to think about the date today! This time 41 years ago K was a couple of hours old and I was merely a child myself! What a long long time ago that seems.

We did open some presents last night! Well, K did. I had bought a present between the 3 of them, an art mirror set into stone with leaves imprinted into it. It's already hanging on the wall by their front door. K also weakened when she saw a bottle shaped parcel and 5 minutes later was sipping a single malt whisky, with much 'oooing' and 'aaaahing' coming from her direction!

This morning it took a while for us all to get ready and gather in the sitting room, where K opened more presents, all well chosen, all well received. We both nearly fainted when a courier brought 2 huge bunches of glorious flowers to the door. One for me and one for K from my brother. I haven't heard from him for ages so it was a bit of a shock. They are beautiful flowers but that doesn't make up for the hurt he had caused me.

Coincidentally, his ex-wife, the adorable Miranda came today with her daughter Rachel. We all went off to a local pub for late lunch. When I say 'all', at the lunch was:
Rachel, K, Luisa, Lina, Kirsty, Jay, Miranda, Rachel 2 and me (Gina). It was wonderful to see Miranda and Rachel again, it's been some time since we've managed to meet up. They put us in a little 'annex' room with a vast medieval wooden table and chairs, fabulous. The meal was great, the service fast and friendly. We chatted much, took loads and loads of photos and ate heartily. My cholesterol level must be about 9 by now. I forgot to mention the croissants we had for breakfast!

We all loved Miranda and it was a great loss to us when my brother left her for a younger model. The 'new' woman seems to have taken over his life and we hardly see or get to speak to him any more. I think I mentioned that my brother is getting married on Sept 6th, but not only have I not been invited (that wouldn't have been a problem), but I haven't even been told about it by him. Then I discover today that all his wife's children are going plus partners and Grandchildren. To say I'm hurt in an understatement. Anyway, it's great here and I'm being spoilt and loving it, so raspberries to him.

Gosh, I feel so full! I think I might go for a quick walk before this evening's festivities begin to wake myself up.

Later, xxxx

It's still only 11.30pm but we've packed so much in. Lots of people turned up this afternoon for K's birthday surprise. My walk turned into a sleep! It was lovely and I really needed it. I was up at 7pm and things were buzzing all around the house. Everyone was going to dress up in Thai clothes and a vast Thai meal was being cooked and assembled for K. She knew something was going on but not what.

A phone call from my son Ben delayed the proceedings a little but I had a little chat with him, which was great. It's so long since I've heard his voice.

The first event was to be 'the hoody dance' in the garden. Lina had performed this at her school at the end of term and had vaguely taught the others to do it. Luisa, Sue, Gemma and Aimee, plus Lina in the front, counting like mad all the way through, performed the whole dance and it was just great. K videod it and I took photos. Great fun.

Rachel was dressing in 'my' room into a lovely black oriental suit and I complained that I didn't have anything to wear. Luckily the dress she was going to wear wasn't right so I tried it on and it was fabulous. Bright red with a gorgeous kimono over it. All floaty and diaphanous. It was tailor made for me. Various folk arrived from all around, all dressed in Thai clothes, many of them made for the occasion. We all looked rather splendid and K was suitably overwhelmed and impressed with the surprise. Lina looked gorgeous in her long purple floaty dress with special jewellery round her head.

The food was incredible. Several courses with noodles and rice, different curries, crackers, samosas, green beans and all sorts of little bits. A wonderful spread. Luisa and Aimee looked superb in their Gandhi type nappies. Kirsty arrived with J a bit later and presented K with the birthday cake she had made for her, in the shape of a fan. It was brilliant and tasted just as good as it looked. I'm afraid to say we demolished it at the end of the meal.

Tony, K's son arrived too and it was so good to see him. He's staying overnight for the 'do' tomorrow. Can I cope. Another party? Bring it on!!

I'm going to have a go at downloading the photos now. So don't go away!

Ah, I can't download the photos here without the software, so Monday is photo day. Oh, there'll be lots of them too. K is going to download hers, which isn't fair! Still, there'll be some photos of me on there, so go have a look if you like. I'll put the link on when I have it.


DK Green said...

~hugs da momma squished~
Love you momma... and it's made my birthday perfic!

aims said...

DK's comments always make me smile - how much she loves you - how happy she is to have you near.

Family - some are just the best. The others tho....OMG!

Leatherdykeuk said...

What a delightful pair of meals it was!

willow said...

How can this possibly be?! You look but 41 yourself! Happy Birthday, K!! :D

Sam said...

Do you mean from Kays brother? Graeme hasnt hurt you? Hope you having a great time - see you sunday

Sam said...

Ok note to self - read the rest of the blog before commenting - doh XXX

BT said...

Thanks K and Rach. The fun goes on. aims, bless you. willow, I love you! You need to see me close up!! Sam, now you understand? xx

mansuetude said...

Happy Birthday one and all. That single malt sounds so so good... sure you don't want to adopt me, i mean if Buster runs off with a fox or something. :__)

September is the best month to be born.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I thought your birthday was on the 6th! I was all set to wish you a happy birthday then!! Ah, well...happy birthday to you! I'm glad you are having a good time in the UK!

BT said...

pamela, my birthday IS on September 6th, it is my daughters (or was) on 30th August. As I won't be seeing her then, we're having an early celebration of mine and Lu's birthday (which is on Weds) tomorrow (or rather today), as it's 1am. Got it? No, I wouldn't think so, that sounds like utter rubbish!

Ten out of ten if you understand it.

I am sadly unable to download my photos while I am here, as it needs the software downloading too. So you will have to wait until I go home on Monday, then you will all be bombarded with them, so watch out.

Betsy said...

Hi BT~ Thanks for coming to my blog and saying hello! :) Happy Bday to your K!

DK Green said...

thanking people for the birthday wishes! :-)

PS mum you looked phenomenal! xxx

DJ Kirkby said...

I am really looking forward to the photos, esp of you in that dress which sounds exquisite.

BT said...

Thanks for dropping in everyone. K and Rach have some photos of me in the dress, so hopefully they'll send them to me and i'll post them. Back to Ireland tomorrow, so will put some of my photos on then.

Olga/Maddie said...

I am so very, very, very happy that you, K, and the rest of the family had such a wonderful time during both your visit and on her birthday. *happy smile*

And welcome back to Ireland!!! *BG*

Hope that you and yours are doing all right, that things are going okay, and that the rest of the day goes all right for you all.

God bless and take care. :).