Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Bloody Rain, Good Day Though, Sat 29 Dec 07

I suppose it is Ireland, the 'Emerald Isle' but there is a limit! It's rained almost all day today, but has stopped now and tomorrow promises bright and crisp weather so we may get outside at last.

Jim has decided to sell some of our willow cuttings on ebay so has been preparing and photographing willow sticks!

I hauled all the bits of wood left on the lawn into the barn and have been sawing some of it by hand. I enjoyed being outside all be it for a short while. We were very lazy this morning, took a cup of tea back to bed and were much amused by the cats leaping about on the bed and up and down the stairs to the room above. Sandy picked up a purple ribbon from the stairs and carried it up to the top room. I told him I wanted it up there!

We haven't heard from our neighbours today but they did go out in the car so are probably ok.

Last night I tried out some cardboard weaving. Thin strips of an old box of gingerbread biscuits (the soggy foreign sort), which I wove into a small container. It was quite difficult but good fun. I am going to have a go at a shopping bag which is in a book I have called 're-cycled containers'. Trouble is you need very long strips of cardboard and it's finding somewhere to cut them. I'm sure I'll work something out. We must have a go at weaving some of our willow now we have been on a course.

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