Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Good, if Soggy Day, Thursday 27th Dec, 07

A much better day today, thank goodness! The atmosphere has lightened enormously. Phew. However, weather wise it's poured down all day. We decided to go to Limerick and look round the sales. Tesco provided us with 2 new pairs of trousers and a cardigan for me, all at silly prices. We bought wood at Woodys to put a door between the kitchen diner and lobby, much needed for the keeping out of draughts. The roads were all awash and when we got back to our little drive, the stream at the bottom had turned into a raging torrent and was pouring all over the road. We donned our macs and took torches to go and have a proper look. The sound was amazing, a real roar. We also have several small brooks on the land. They dry up in the summer but were overflowing tonight, and still it rains.

We treated ourselves to a MacDonalds in Limerick so didn't need much food tonight. A turkey sandwich with home made bread and salad sufficed, lovely.

There was a 'Holby City' special on TV which we both watched, and thought it was exceptional, with proper feel good emotions at the end. Brilliant. Talking of TV, I am not an Eastenders watcher, but have caught the last 3 episodes and have to say the acting has been quite superb. I still won't continue to watch it, but was glad to have seen those excellent episodes.

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