Sunday, December 23, 2007

Windy Weather and Lumberjacks

Phew, it was really windy today but we still ventured into the orchard and collected up much of the wood we'd felled over the past day or so. Jim set about the hedge around the orchard, which is hugely overgrown. He's revealed masses more land and it looks vastly better. It'll also be easier to mow in the spring with fewer hurdles to go round.

The previous owner had made a 'living igloo' in the orchard. I''m sure it used to be lovely, but now it has grown all lop-sided and half of the struts have died. I've decided to have a bonfire in it, so much of the small bits of wood have gone in there. We now have about 4 bonfires to light at some stage. It's actually illegal to light them here, but how on earth you are supposed to get rid of all the green waste from 5 acres without one I'm not sure.

The goldfinches have been frequenting the nuts, together with, blue, great and coal tits, green finches and the inevitable chaffinches. With the cold spell we've been having, several of the annuals have died off, but the antirrhinums are still in full flower and primulas and violas are still in bloom.

Tonight we finished the decorations and it all looks very festive. I took some photos too.

My computer keeps switching itself off so Jim took the cover off and hoovered it all out. It was amazingly dusty.

My daughter texted me to say she had received a Christmas card from her Dad. They fell out some time ago and she was quite chuffed. Me too.

2 days to go!

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