Monday, December 10, 2007

Cough, Cough Monday, Dec 10th, 2007

How on earth did it get to the 10th? Christmas has really crept up on us this year. Hopping between Ireland and the UK hasn't helped either. We gave up the idea of the photo cards as there just wasn't time. Especially as Jim has been in Worthing since last Friday and isn't back for a week. So we made the sad decision to go and buy some last Wednesday and wrote pretty much all of them that evening and Jim took his with him to finish. Breakneck speed cards this year.

I have now come down with a ghastly cough and sore throat. The throat not improved by all the coughing. My chest is rattling now, very rare for me. I have to say I feel pretty bloody rotten tonight. I did have a good day up until then! Hilary down the road invited me for coffee. Most enjoyable, especially the accompanying Christmas cake. Her lovely daughter was there too. Delightful company. When I came back I cleared some of the wood from the lawn (I'd done some pruning and clearing yesterday) and sawed yet more fuel for Stanley. I'm keeping him stacked to the brim as the weather's been awful up until today. Wet and windy most of the time. Today it's been bright and sunny but very cold.

The cats are delighted that I can't sleep much and was out and about at 8am. The sun was rising over Loch Graney. We now have a bit of a view of the lake through the bare trees. I was moved to fetch my camera and took some photos, displayed here. The kittens played outside on the lawn and are becoming more adventurous. I went into the barn later this afternoon to saw more wood and Sandy discovered the bird table and its occupants! He sat there for ages, watching, twitching and tail swishing. The birds, however, didn't seem to take any notice of this new threat. BlackJack soon got fed up outside and curled up on a carrier bag next to me while I sawed away.

We came in as it was getting dark, around 5pm and they both collapsed into their bed - and so did I. I hope you enjoy the photos. Must get the house sorted and some decorations up or it'll be too late! Tomorrow....

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