Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Windy Weather and Wood, 4th December 2007

Phew, it's been so windy today and all last night. Apparently loads of people went to the west coast beaches because they had said the tide was going to be unusually high with 15' waves. Ferries to Holyhead were also cancelled. We cut lots of wood for Stanley as he seems to be eating an inordinate amount, then we are keeping him going 24 hours a day.

The kittens had a great day, ventured outside and into the barn. Sandy managed to climb up some wood and onto the top open ceiling, where he sat wailing! He did manage to get down eventually, then promptly did it again! Cat of little brain. (currently on my lap). We decided to go for a walk up the meadow but didn't get very far as Sandy followed a little way then howled in that miserable, cat like way! Jim actually carried BlackJack as he was too spooked to walk that far. What a pair.

So that's about it, keeping Stanley going, and the cats entertained. The usual bread making (yesterday) and eating.

Jim visited our neighbours down the lane and asked Jo to take a photo of us for our Christmas card. We're very late this year so a photo is the quickest option. Last year I made crafted cards, each with a little label attached. Each time they have to be different and several of our friends have kept them all!

Facebook is so slow it's almost stopped, especially Scrabulous, which is very frustrating.

Jim was quite poorly yesterday, he looked very pale and wan, but is thankfully back on form today. Cooking Toad in the Hole in the dual cook microwave at the moment, and I'm starving!

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