Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mainly Being Lumberjacks

It's been so cold lately that we've had to keep Stanley going at full pelt day and night. We seem to get through an amazing amount of wood, so the past couple of days we've felled an ash tree down the road to Sandra and Petes house and sawed off some big branches in the orchard. All this has to be lugged up to the cottage, then made into Stanley sized pieces. Having said that, it was lovely to get outside and do some work again, both Jim and I really enjoyed it. Although cold, we wrapped up warm and the work kept us cosy. My feet turned into ice blocks, sadly, as wellington boots aren't very good at keeping out the cold.

The 2 kittens have really enjoyed being in the big outside world and recently Missy, BlackJack's Mum has been up to play, so we've had 3 cats most of the time. Today, BlackJack had a terrible shock - one of the local farmers owns several fields near us and he came up with one of his dogs. Jim could hear this dog barking, then realised poor little BJ was cowering in the long grass, quite petrified. Jim of course rescued him, he was dribbling and shaking. ( BJ, not Jim) He was taken inside for safety and reassurance and when Jim offered him the outside world later on, he was having none of it! I hope he hasn't been put off altogether.

I have also decorated the cottage for Christmas. We decided it would be futile having a tree, which the cats would just climb up and knock over, breaking glass balls and electrifying themselves on tree lights, so have brought much greenery into the cottage instead. We have several boughs hung high up in the kitchen/diner, which have lights on them and I have decorated them with baubles and icicles. They look lovely. Will have to photograph them for all to see. We also have a little artificial tree in the snug, on a table high enough to be out of kittens' reach. All in all, it's looking pretty festive.

BlackJack is on my knee, purring happily, while Sandy is asleep on his favourite cushion, placed on top of 3 banana boxes full of books. Happy cats.

Jim has moved his office upstairs and is much happier in his own space. We're no good being on top of each other all the time and sharing a computer is a nightmare.

I've been a bit down recently in spite of, or maybe because of, the approaching festivities. Ah well, I'm sure it will pass, it usually does.

TV's been quite good recently with an adaptation of Oliver, serialised over 5 nights, the last one being tonight. It's been excellent, with Timothy Spall as Fagin, Sarah Lancashire and other famous faces. It was also the final of 'Strictly Come Dancing', a brilliant show that's captured the nation. The winner Alicia, a singer, was quite superb and a true winner. It's such a joyful show, there should be more of them. Bruce Forsythe (Sir), is a great all round entertainer and is just perfect to present the show with his TV partner the lovely Tess Daly.

Off to play a few games of Scrabulous on Facebook now.

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