Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cough Cough, Cats and Rats, Tues, 11th Dec, 2007

Not a great deal to report today. Dull and cold day, so no new photos. The ones here are from yesterday morning in the garden and one of Sandy in the barn in the morning sun. The bird table had more birds on it than I've ever seen. Loads of green finches, chaffinches, a lone robin, the magpies and a couple of siskin. Recently we've had goldfinches but I didn't see any today. The cats watched them from the conservatory windows, fascinated. It must be the cold that's forced so many of the birds to seek the extra food I provide.

Of rats, I went up to our old bedroom and Sandy followed me. I opened the little door to the roof space, which is where the rats run I think, but Sandy didn't seem excited at all, so I suspect they just come in at night. BlackJack also wanted a look but soon came out again. Probably scared of the dark! Major event, I have been pushing both cats through the cat flap to try and teach them to use it. Sandy keeps standing and looking out then I shoved him out on his own. I left him for a while and went back inside, then some time later he appeared! He was most excited. He's obviously conquered the cat flap. I think it may be a while before BJ does the same, as he is so much smaller.

Having been playing outside some time, they both rush in to use the litter tray. 5 acres and they come in to poo!!
We'll have to sort that one out. Going to Porta Banus, Mallaga, Sat, Sun and Monday to visit my son Ben, who, with a friend, has leased a bar there. I haven't seen it yet, only photos, so want to see it in person and see how he's getting on. I have bought him some clothes for Christmas and one of those really bad taste walking reindeer that plays jingle bells! It walks, wobbling from side to side, then stops, then sets off again. I must admit it did make me laugh and I can imagine, after a few pints, it will be a hit in the bar!

It's now 3.30am so I must to bed. I've kept Stanley roaring like a furnace all day and it's quite warm inside, except for our bedroom, so I'm warming it up with an electric fire for 10 minutes before I venture in there! The cats seem to have disappeared so must be up to no good.

For now

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