Sunday, April 26, 2009

25th-26th April 2009, Marmalade and Chutney Making

Well, after the sunshine comes the rain and it certainly did. It's poured for the past 2 days so it's been inside stuff. We did saw some wood yesterday for Stanley but that was about it for working outside. I am trying to make a wall hanging, so have spent the rain time doing that. It's a new venture for me and I've had help from my sister in Australia and Bea at Doginthehole. I'm not thrilled with it so far but hopefully will be by the time it's finished. I want to make some more ATCs, I'm missing doing them.

Spring Cleaning

I have taken the curtains in our kitchen diner down and washed and ironed them. They get filthy with the smoke from Stanley, as do the poles, so they'll have a wash too. Today I also did the rest of the ironing. How virtuous am I?

Marmalade and Mango Chutney

Jim has had a productive 2 days. Yesterday he made marmalade and today, for the first time, he's made some mango chutney! It tastes delicious and in a little while we're going to have some cheese and biscuits with the chutney, to try it out properly!

The Marmalade and one of the black tulips

Mango Chutney

The Cook!

Dirty Desk

My desk had disappeared under piles of material, boxes, little pots of findings and cottons, pins, needles, you name it, it was there somewhere. So today I attacked it and now at least I can find some of my stuff.

Friends Rediscovered

I had a lovely email from one of my friends from the NatWest Bank today. We used to work together in Bakewell and as we are both Southerners, had quite a bit in common, mainly that we couldn't understand half the customers!! We used to look at each other blankly sometimes. Nikki would whisper (about one of the customers) 'What's he saying' and I'd reply, 'I don't know'. It was great fun! Nikki left but we've kept in touch. Would you believe she has just discovered my blog and has read it all the way through! How mad is that. Dedication I think the word is. She made lots of compliments about my photographs, which left me smiling.

I've also discovered an old friend on Facebook. We used to be together in a drama Group called the High Tor Players and we always had the after show parties at Brenda' s huge house. It's such a great tool for finding people from the past. She has also made wonderful comments about my photography.

If you want to leave a comment, Nikki, you can you know! I think you have to register with Yahoo or google or some such.

Fun and Games

After dinner yesterday evening, I decided to straddle Jim on the settee. Calm down, everyone, we were both fully dressed. We were messing about 'play fighting', when Buster decided he wanted to join in too. We ended up a giggling heap of arms, legs and a very wet tongue!! I laughed until I hurt!

Sorry, no garden photos to admire today, so here's one of Jim and me soon after we'd first met. Here is the Bakewell Tart under the Bakewell Tart sign!! In Bakewell.


DK Leather said...

how wonderful!
Is Nikki online anywhere then?

The marmalade & chutneys look like a super success, clever Jim!

BT said...

Hiya K, I think Nikki only has an email. She asked for your blog detials, which I gave her, so she may be in touch. The chutney is gorgeous, we had some tonight.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Ah! Marmalade love!

soulbrush said...

how industrious he is, keep him! and he lloks so pleased with himself after all his efforts.we have the rain here in london today! yuk!

Son1 said...

Ohh the marmalade and chutney look fantastic!

Great shot under the BT sign.

Nice that your in touch with Brenda and Nikki, brilliant.


BT said...

Can't really post it, Rachel! Sorry.
Hi soulbrush, it's been sunny this morning but, guess what? It's raining again now! Glad you've got some too! I intend to (keep him).

The chutney is particularly good. Yes, good to be in touch with old friends.

Heather said...

You can't beat a good Bakewell Tart. I love that photo of you both and Jim looks rightly proud of his achievements. Hope you'll soon be able to work outside again. The sun has just come out here, but it's rained all morning and last night too.

Bea said...

Well, I love the Tart sign picture!
I love the proud cook picture.
Hmmmm, we have lots of honey from our have lots of chutney..........I'm thinking a swap, maybe? lololsnort
Let's see some pictures of the wallhanging. What aren't you happy about with it? :)Bea

studio lolo said...

My mouth is watering!

I love the profile photo of you. It makes me want to meet you at a pub for a pint or two!

Thanks for stopping by ;)

BT said...

We've managed to get out a bit today Heather, between showers, so not too bad.

Bea, I don't think honey and chutney will survive our postal systems, do you? Otherwise, a good idea!

Hi studio lolo, you have a wonderful, arty blog. I wish we were a bit closer, I'd love to go for a, not a pint, maybe a G & T with you!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

The marmalade & Chutney looks wonderful. Where DO you get all your energy? :))

BT said...

Jim made the marmalade and chutney, Cris!! I had to make the fire as he was too busy!!

Anonymous said...

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