Thursday, April 9, 2009

What MORE Tulips! Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Ok, so I have taken some more photos of our tulips today. I couldn't resist as they are so beautiful!

The post brought 2 exciting letters for me yesterday. Firstly an invitation to Jack's 4th birthday party at 'Boomerangs' play centre in May. We won't be able to make that day but are going to Colchester zoo with him on the actual day, 14th May.

Secondly, Heather sent me an ATC. Wow, it is utterly beautiful and now I have to try and make one to match it! Its title is 'Celtic Copper' and here it is for you to drool over:I am definitely going to frame this one. Yesterday, it poured with rain all day so gave me a chance to play for the day. I made a patchwork of material stuck onto plain black material, then cut them up into ATC sized pieces to work on. I made 6 yesterday and really enjoyed it. I have a lot of 'findings' in various little drawers and it has given me a chance to use some of them, as well as getting to know my sewing machine. I had only managed to do straight stitch with it until now, so I did have fun. I'll photograph some of them when I've done a few more.

Today, I read Ces's blog and there was an award for me! I was so thrilled. I have had awards before, but haven't managed to transfer them to my blog. With my new layout and Jim's help, you can see it proudly displayed on the right. From little acorns.....

Jim made some bread this morning. Now Jim makes super bread but this loaf seemed to get smaller rather than rise! He added bran to the mix and it didn't seem to work quite as well. Luckily the builder arrived just as he'd cooked it so we gave it to him for the extension!! No, seriously, in spite of its size, it tasted absolutely delicious, a bit like rye bread. So we had some for afternoon tea with cheese on half and marmalade on the other half.

It should be about twice that size!

The builders have finally removed the scaffolding from our extension, which is brilliant. It looks much better now and we can get to our barn without stepping over an assault course.

Today in the garden I pottered doing various bits of weeding and Jim did some planting. I also moved all the fuchsia hedge I'd cut down a few days ago. I now have a huge bonfire to burn when it dries again. It's been pouring this evening and I gather it's going to continue tomorrow. At least I'll be able to do some more ATCs.

I took just a few photos of the garden this afternoon in the sunshine.

We have just one of these daffodils. It's so unusual.

Grape hyacinth on the fairy hill

We planted this little skimmia japonica last year and the flowers are bigger than the plant itself!


Star of today's show I think, these pretty bi-coloured tulips

Our neighbour from down the road, Joe, came up to see us today and had a walk round. He was quite impressed and liked the new extension too. It's not often we get visitors! He told us about an interesting chap, Brian Merriman, who used to live over the hill from us. Apparently the house he lived is now derelict but the base can still be seen, and the remains of a 'hedge school' nearby. I'll enlarge on this in my next blog.

We must take a walk up there on a fine day, camera in hand of course.


Twisted willow said...

My bread might have been a bit small, but it was perfectly formed - but I should know not to muck around with recipes when it comes to making bread. I'm always amazed that I can produce a loaf that's vaguely edible. There always seemed such mystery surrounding bread making.

BT said...

That's because you use a bread making machine, but that's a secret of course. I won't tell if you don't.

Stampmaiden said...

OK, I wasn't hungry before I visited but now I'm craving bread, cheese and tea. ACK! It's almost midnight so I'll have to pass on that thought.
BT, your flowers are absolutely beautiful. You are so lucky to have so much land to garden on and your weather is perfect for all those lovely species. They'd dry up out here in "dry" land California. OH and the ATC is so cool! Fabric ATCs, now that's something I haven't tried. Can't wait to see how yours come out. I know you're going to post them!

SueG said...

You are making me so bloody impatient for Spring! I want flowers! Yours are sooo beautiful.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Your tulips are lovely.

I don't grow many because they're lovely for such a short time.

Son1 said...

I think the dafs were the stars of the show. With the sun on them, lovely.

Sounds like the building is progressing, lovely to see teh scaffolding go. good stuff.

Fresh bread and marmalade. Heavenly. :-)

Ces said...

Hello sweet BT: I have never seen bicolored tulips before. These are gorgeous. I love homemade bread. Hmn, I can smell the aroma all the way here.

BT said...

Stampmaiden, he has left the building about half an hour ago - first stop, post office!! Hoorah!

SueG you can admire mine until your own come out!!

Rachel, I've never had success with tulips before, they've always flowered for one year then never appeared again. They seem to like the Irish soil and weather (someone has to)!!!

BT said...

Jason, glad you liked the daff, it was only one, photographed twice. Such a star indeed. Mmm, the bread was yummy.

Hello lovely Ces, so good to see you. They can do just about anything with flowers now I think! They are indeed very pretty. We've almost eaten that loaf already!

Renee said...

Hey Gina, I love your garden as you know but I absolutely love the red tulip.

I notice I am an award. xoxoxo

Love Renee

The Weaver of Grass said...

Twisted willow - you don't have to justify your bread making for me - any man who even attempts to make bread for me gets my vote!!
Lovely tulip photographs - when you see the fantastic colour combinations you can imagine why there were almost wars fought over them when they were newly discovered.

BT said...

Hello Renee, I'm so glad you like my garden. Yes, indeed you are an award, from Ces. I am very honoured indeed to be a little acorn!

Hello Weaver, well the bread did taste lovely! It was just rather small! The tulips are beautiful and my black ones haven't come out yet, but are growing daily. Yes, you can imagine wars fought over them.

aims said...

Jim should try making celiac bread - now that's a real challenge!

Your flowers are just beautiful.

I'm waiting for the snow to leave so we can get some started.

BT said...

oh aims, I'm sure that bread is a pain! Snow? How awful, I'd hate that much of it. I like a little flurry now and then!! Hope you're ok today.

Heather said...

You can never have too many tulips and yours are gorgeous. We have a skimmia like yours - I'm going to evict it from it's half barrel soon to make room for sweetpeas. Glad you like the ATC. Have a happy Easter - happy gardening, weather permitting and happy ATCing if not.

katie jane said...

Hi BT! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I read a little of yours and am so enjoying it. I love flowers and gardening, too. Mine are not blooming quite as much as yours yet.
I'll be by again soon.
Happy Easter

Bella Sinclair said...

Hey there, Whizzer! I hope you saved some of that wonderful bread for me. I'm starving! Your daffodils are so happy. And I LOVE those tiny hyacinth. And your gorgeous tulips look puckered up for kissing. Hmmm, looks like Ces applied her bright red lipstick, too. Have a fantastic weekend in your lovely garden!

BT said...

Heather, I don't just like, I love your ATC. I hope you're going to give the skimmia a new home after you've evicted it!! I love sweet peas, Jim is going to grow some on our allotment this year for cut flowers.

katie jane, thanks for dropping by. Gardening is a wonderful occupation, very English I think!! Do come again. Always lots of photos and a bit of 'craic' as the Irish would say.

Bella, the lovely Bella has come to see me! It's sunny just at the moment but thunderstorms have been forecast!! I might be inside making ATCs instead. You have a wonderful weekend too. Sorry, we've eaten all the bread!

Paula and Skip said...

Just found your blog. I lvoe Ireland however I ended in Florida! I love making bread myself too and recently found thsi video which helps me ever since. Once can add all sorts of seeds or exchange the flour etc. it is simply great.
Will certainly visit very often. Paula xx

Friko said...


Gardening and opera, couldn't agree more. They do go together.
Just came across you, will come back.

PS no tulips open here in Shropshire yet.

BT said...

Friko, what a great name. Glad you liked what you saw and hope you do come back again.