Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Saturday and Sunday 2009 EGGS

Well, it's been a funny couple of days! Jim toddled off to get some petrol yesterday so eventually I braved the rather cold weather and did some work clearing the stream area to make way for the new path. It was pretty horrid though and there were lots of gnats and bitey things about so I moved to the allotment and did some work there. It was very wet and boggy there but I weeded a raised section and that wasn't too bad. It was full of buttercups and stinging nettles. Then I decided to fill in some more of the holes left by the cow invasion we had a few weeks ago. If the owner only knew how much work they've caused us.

Jim came back, having gone all the way to Ennis. I'd asked him to buy me some elastic on his last trip and he'd left it in the shop so he'd been and picked it up!

As the evening drew in, the sky became brilliant red and I fetched Jim from inside to take some photos with my camera.

Sunset over Doorus

I think this is my favourite

The view over Lough Graney

Not much else to report. Usual evening computing, eating and a bit of craft work. We went to bed very late as usual. I did finish another ATC:

I've called it 'Bee in the garden'. It sounds like an order, doesn't it?

Today is Easter Sunday. Another typical April day, some sun, some rain. All the things in Jim's cold frame are popping up their little heads. We had a few plants to plant and decided where to put them. A new pieris on top of the fairy hill. We had a very sad looking rhododendron there, which obviously hated our soil so that had to go and the pieris was planted in its place. Also a new ceonothus and a photinia have gone in up there. I did lots of weeding as it's covered in buttercup, bitter cress and dandelion. I only managed quite a small amount. Lots more to do.

We did exchange Easter Eggs and here they are:

Jim's is the Yorkie mug on the right and an egg and a bar of Yorkie.

The rest are MINE!!!!

Anyone would think I like chocolate! Jim did have one of my 6 cream eggs today. Generous, aren't I?

I felt a bit down this afternoon and had an attack of the weepies. Not sure why, I just did. Still, I got back outside and carried on clearing the area for the new path. It's amazing how much of it we got done. Jim was cutting the willows and I was de-brambling and stinging nettling as usual! I have quite a few thorns in my hand tonight. We have uncovered a little group of the old fashioned 'pussy willow' trees and started tidying them up as lots of the old parts had died. I'll take a photo tomorrow if it's fine. It does look amazingly different already. Now we have an enormous pile of rubbish to clear.

I'm quite tired tonight so am going to head off to bed now, at 2.45am, an early night for me.

Oh, I did receive a wonderful award from Ces, which really put a smile on my face. Can you see it on the right hand side? ~sighs~. Brilliant, isn't it? I'm not sure I deserve it - oh, of course I do!

I hope everyone's having a great Easter Holiday.


Twisted willow said...

The Phenomenal Woman award? Of course you deserve it XXX

Bea said...

I cleared thistle out of my garden beds today. I have no idea how they got there but I can feel your pain with the nettles. I pulled thistles out of my clothes and off of the dog. What a mess. Still waiting for my spring flowers to even show their heads, NOTHING yet. Ahhh, Wisconsin......... :)Bea

Bella Sinclair said...

Yes, you are a phenomenal woman!

My goodness, you accomplish so much every day. I remember, whenever I worked in the garden, I'd lose all track of time, and then I'd be too tired to move at night. Felt good, though.

If you make another adorable ATC with a Bee in the Garden, I think you should add a little cup of tea and name it BeeTea in the Garden, because that's where you always are.

Gorgeous sunset. And I laughed at that wonderful picture of the dog sleeping on Jim.

BT said...

Thank you Twisty. I know!!

Bea, you have worked hard too. Thistles are really horrid and stick to everything, don't they? Only Eyore likes them! Oh dear, our garden seems to sprout something new every day. The horse chestnut tree has burst its leaves in the past few days. It was just buds when I last looked.

Today it is pouring with rain, so I will have to stay in and 'Bee' creative!!

Bella Bella, thank you, aren't we both (according to Ces)!! I do lose track of time when I'm gardening, but nowadays my body tells me 'enough' and in the evenings I can hardly move!

What a good idea to add a cup of tea B to the Bee!

Ces said...

My favorite gardener, still going at deserve every bit of it!

BT said...

Thank you Ces, you're very sweet.

DK Leather said...

what a lovely post, full of productive prettiness. Sorry about the weepies though, hope they passed? Love and miss you momma xxx

BT said...

Thanks DK, I'm fine today. The garden is looking prettier by the day!

Son1 said...

Lovely sunset, fiery hills!

Oh great Yorkie mug to. Glad the weepies have past.


BT said...

Thanks J, the mug is great, isn't it? And the sunsets, not so the weepies. All gone now!