Friday, April 17, 2009

The Postman Cometh - 16 April 2009

Well, I have had a big parcel from Stampmaiden and I can't believe the wonderful things inside! We were swapping ATCs and here are the six Linda has sent to me:

Aren't they just fantastic. They are a series entitled 'The Tattered Wall', the corrugated paper reminded Linda of the old walls they have in LA. Of course, Linda has decorated the tatty walls as only an artist would. Aren't I the lucky one? Now I'm embarrassed about the ones I've sent to her. ~Oh Woe~

BUT, the parcel also contained a vast amount of rubber stamps. All garden related, except for one of a cow. Knowing about my run in with a herd of cows, that was a joke one! I like it!

Aren't they lovely?

The lady with the watering can is my favourite - and the tulips

As if that wasn't enough, Linda also enclosed 3 super magazines:

I can hardly put them down. They are filled with fantastic art and have set my mind racing with ideas

The postage cost an arm and a leg. I sent my ATCs in a little box. Just the ATCs. Nothing else. I feel so BAD! There was also a lovely 2 sided letter, all handwritten too.

THANK YOU STAMPMAIDEN (Linda). You have made my day/week/month!!

One of the magazines is 'Altered Arts'. I posted a photo on yesterday's blog of my disintegrating parcel. Later in the day, I received an email from Seth, the organiser of the project with Phase 2. Wow! On May 1st we have to take down our parcel and then make something new out of its remains! We have quite some time to do this but I'm already thinking of various projects. What fun, I'm so glad I became involved.

My daughter in law also sent me a photocopy of an article in 'Suffolk' magazine about Francine, the lady whose house we went to for our floral arrangement class. 2 letters for me in one day. Isn't blogging just the best?

Now, what have I done for 2 days apart from drool over the contents of my parcel? Gardening of course! I did hoover too. Just for the hell of it. I have ploughed on with the stream/path project and am getting along fine, apart from the thorns and nettle stings. We had accumulated huge piles of rubbish and I have spent the past 3 nights burning it all. Tonight the fire really got going and I think most of it will have gone by the morning. We'll be able to see the wood for the trees, as it were, now that it's gone.

For a change, and to let my hands recover, I have been clearing the bed at the side of the arboretum. I started this bed last year but never really got very far with it. Then the cows trampled all over it and dislodged the edging stones, so I more or less had to start again. It's looking so much better now. About half done so far, including re-doing the edge with bigger, better stones. One edge adjoins the grass and the other the road up to our meadow. I'll photograph it when it's finished. We already have some shrubs to plant in it and Jim wants to put some of his flower seedlings in there too. It'll be a good splash of colour.

That's about it for today. I just had to show you my lovely presents. Jim and I are off to Gort in the morning to look at a table he saw today in a shop that is closing down. He was very excited about it, so I have to see it too!

Anyone who is interested in flowers, in particular a bit more information about them, Jim is doing a blog now on wild flowers. It's quite amusing as well as fact filled. Do go and see:

Right, that's the 'plug' over with. Night everyone.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

You did have a wonderful mail day! Congratulations on all your treats. I'm glad Jim has started a blog....what about Buster???

Stampmaiden said...

OMG! I just e-mailed you about the ATCs that came in the mail for me today! What a coincidence! I just read your blog and can't believe your package got there so soon. Great! Glad you liked the stamps - I knew you would.
I'll be posting the ATCs you sent me soon! Thanks, I love them! Super stuff.

Leatherdykeuk said...

What a fabulous parcel!

soulbrush said...

oh yes, what beauties....hope my atc cards will live up to these, they are fabulous.of course you can'play' with me, so 'pay it forward' and post on your blog girl!

BT said...

Ha ha Pamela! That's an idea, though I'm not sure anyone, apart from Edward, would read it!! 'Got up, made a nuisance of myself all day, went to bed, ate lots'. Could get tedious!

Stampmaiden, I'm so glad you received your ATCs today. I love yours, they are here on my desk.

It was, wasn't it Rachel.

soulbrush, your lovely ATCs arrived today. Wow, I am inundated with fabulous art. It's fantastic. I shall blog the pay it forward today.

Heather said...

What lovely ATCs - there's so much work in them. I subscribe to Cloth Paper Scissors and love it. I like the look of Altered Arts too. Super stamps though the cow looks a bit startled! Your garden will look so good when all the planting is done. You have both worked so hard but gardening is very rewarding and quite therapeutic if exhausting.

BT said...

Hello Heather, they are wonderful ATCs aren't they? I had 3 more arrive today!

The garden is coming along, slowly. I love it. Even when I rented properties, I still did the gardens! Altered Arts is fabulous. Cloth Paper Scissors is too, well, and the other one!! I just love them.

Bea said...

Linda is a sweetie pie, isn't she. Nice job on those ATCs. I'll have to check her blog to see yours. Checked out Jim's blog and thoroughly enjoyed it. Good for him.
Puppy is in puppy day care today so I'm going to tackle my garden beds. rubbing her hands together, I should get a lot done! :)Bea

marianne said...

What a lovely parcel you have received!!!
I love the ATC cards! Love the one with soul....
Lucky you to get all these goodies.
The cow stamp!!!! humor after this stampede you had with the cows.

Have a nice weekend!

Son1 said...

I can't help but smile when I read these sometimes, I have no idea what your all on about, but it sounds marvellous. Another world!

The ATCs sound great, I've often fancied a quad bike myself. ;-)

Glad you liked your parcels. Great stuff.


ChrisH said...

Honestly, I really have no excuse not to go out in the garden, except that it's a bit cold/windy/wet... and you work so hard in yours. everytime I visit your blog I keep telling myself to try harder! I will go out... when the weather's nicer!

BT said...

Bea, I've just visited your blog! You've been gardening too! I'm glad you liked Jim's blog. He only posts occasionally.

Hello Marianne, time I visited you too. My ATCs are gorgeous from Linda, aren't they? I like the one with the 'dangly bits' best. I like my cow stamp!

Sorry Jason, we forget some people don't know what we're on about!! You should read Ces's blog comments, they're hilarious, almost better than her blog! I don't understand half of them either! Quad bike indeed!

Ces said...

I'm checking on ya. I saw the mole. Was that a mole below? I drew a duet of moles before.

BT said...

Ces, I'm lost!! Mole? what, in a hole? By the foal?? Or in the goal??

Anonymous said...

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