Friday, April 10, 2009

Messing about in the River and Tulips 10.4.09

Yesterday was a bit of a non gardening day, Jim went shopping to Ennis and I stayed home and cleaned up and did my ironing! Yuk. It rained so it was an indoor day. In the evening Buster decided he needed to sit on Jim's knee and I took a few photos of them:

What a pair of softies

Then Buster fell asleep. He was absolutely out of it! What a dozy dog he is.

Oh, and Stanley's chimney decided to catch fire. Jim poured water over it and luckily it went out. Today Stanley had a de-coke!

Anyway, what a fun day we've had today. The weather was much improved, it rained this morning but as we missed most of that it didn't matter! So it was breakfast and then off into the garden. First I took some photos in case the sun disappeared. They will come later. Then Jim and I decided what we should do next. There is a path between the allotment and the field next to it and it is very boggy, so we decided we needed to put some drainage in. Jim cleared a channel from where the water was gathering on the surface to the little stream that runs along the bottom of the fairy hill in one direction and up to the top of our land in the other. The water poured away in a rush.

Where the water was gathering, is the end of a path across the field to the avenue of silver birches. We've always had trouble with it. It has planks of wood down like duck boards to walk on but they disappear under the mud and water at times. We lifted them up and more water flowed down into our drainage system. Basically, we've decided we might as well make that 'path' into a stream. Now that's fine, except we still need a path up to the top of the land. Jim suggested we make it to run alongside the stream. Hmm, all very well but it looks like this in one direction:

but like this in the other:

There is water under the brambles

and this is where the path has to go

The section above runs alongside the stream. To the left is the willow plantation and they have grown so tall in the 3 years we have been here, as you can see. So Jim left me to paddle about in mud and water while he decided to tackle the willows, ie, cut them to about 2 feet tall. I put some drainage pipe in the channel then filled it all with stones to keep the mud off the piping.

This is the soggy section, now a 'bridge' of stones with drainage underneath. The plank is from the old path, which is shown below

Here's the old path, now a stream and the plank on the left again.
As you can see, it's already pretty wet. We'll scoop out the mud and then it'll have a nice stony base.

So I reckon that's me sorted for the next few weeks!! Lots of brambles and nettles to tackle. I got nettled today and my hands still sting. I actually love that sort of job. Something to get my teeth into, in a manner of speaking!

This evening at 8pm, Jim's 2 great nephews, Luke and Sam Burgess, were both on television playing rugby league against each other! It was quite a tight match and it was good to see both brothers on the field together. Sam's team, the Bradford Bulls, won but only just. Luke's team, Leeds Rhinos, had 3 tries disallowed, so I'm sure there'll be some arguments in their house tonight!

Since then it's been food, fire and fun on the computer! Talking of computers, did I mention that the builders cut through our Broadband cable?? Well, they did. Jim thought he'd have a go at a temporary mend as it'll all have to be moved when we eventually go into the extension. This is our Broadband connection now:

Well, it works!!

It's ok, Grandpa Scarecrow is looking after it! And the snail on his head.

Now the bit you've all been waiting for, the flower photos. Oh, first I must tell you about my Judas tree. These trees flower in the spring on bare branches. I have looked each spring so far and no, no flowers. But guess what? This year they are there. Well, they are little buds at the moment but they are definitely flower buds. I'm so excited. When we first moved here we could hardly see the Judas tree, it was about 1foot tall and covered in grass. I put sticks all around it in case the deer decided to eat it! Well, baby, look at you now:

It doesn't show very well against the earth as it hasn't any leaves yet, but you can just see it, and here are some of the flower buds:

The flower buds are what looks like a little bunch of grapes with a twig next to it! I'm dying to see what they look like fully open. The leaves of the Judas tree are also lovely, like big pennies.

A dandelion clock

Gorse behind and blackthorn blossom to the fore

The 'hairy' tulip is almost fully out

Beautiful narcissus, and below

red and yellow tulips

saxifrage, I love the colour of this variety

This orange and yellow tulip has spiky petals

As does this red one. These are very tall too.

This bi-colour tulip from the other day's blog is almost going over but isn't it stunning?

Finally, a yellow tulip, for a change

I have also been making some more ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and here are a couple I made in the past few days:

As Happy as a Pig in .....?

Gold Leaf

Until next time


Ces said...

This is an extravaganza! Ooh the broadband cable cut! How dare they! Whatever works and it seems Jim is a very handy man. Now the first two photographs were enough to to cheer the day but the flowers, they are gorgeous BT, you truly are a gardener at heart. Thank you for your kind comments.

BT said...

Ha ha Ces, what you mean is it goes on a bit!! I know, I always do. I must try harder to be more succinct!! Jim managed very well, didn't he? I am a gardener to the core.

Renee said...

BT the flowers are amazing. You are a crafty gardener.

With faith, I have it and then I don't and then I have it again. It does give me comfort.

Love Renee xoxo

Happy Easter

Stampmaiden said...

I love the virtual tour I go on each time I click on your blog. You have such a beautiful place and the flowers are gorgeous. I couldn't help but notice how crafty you are with the sewing machine - you've got that ATC looking pretty good! I'll have to try making a fabric one or two.
Your package is on it's way! I wonder if it's sitting on an airplane? Or if it's somewhere in the airport as I type this.
Enjoy the weekend!

Leatherdykeuk said...

You may have turnd me on to tulips for next year!

Heather said...

Jim and Buster look very contented on the sofa. We had a golden labrador who was always ready for a cuddle. Hope the drainage system and bramble clearing is going well. Lovely flowere photos and I love the gold leaf ATC. Jim is a genius to have repaired the broadband cable - it all looked like macrame to me!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

That is one relaxed dog. LOL I love that photo. Your flowers are so lovely. My paper whites are blooming and I always look forward to their lovely smell but at the moment with this cold bug I have I cant smell a thing. Bummer! :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

So much lovely stuff here!!!
Those photos of Buster and Jim belong in a frame!! Such a handsome pair!

Edward and I send you our wish for a lovely Easter! Full of joy. Full of chocolate!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Aren't we daft over our dogs, BT and don't they give us loads of love in return?
Your flowers are all so much further on than ours here in the East - tulips just in bud, no sign of blossom yet = so it is lovely to see your garden.
My goodness you are going to have your work cut out over the next week or two from those photos.

BT said...

Renee, thanks for calling in. I am a crafty gardener indeed! I can understand your feelings about faith.

Hi Stampmaiden, glad you like the garden tour! I enjoyed doing those two ATCs. I'm so looking forward to receiving my package. It could be languishing at Glasgow airport!!Do have a fabulous weekend and that goes for everyone too.

BT said...

Rachel, black tulips are my favourite, give those a try, perhaps with white ones for a contrast.

Heather, dogs are crazy aren't they? Buster is particularly so. He still tries to get onto my lap but it's a bit difficult as he's so big. I did some more drainage today but it kept raining and was all full of gnats and things that bite me! So I moved to the veg plot and did some weeding there.

We laughed at the broadband connection looking like macrame!!

Cris, I'm so glad you're enjoying the photos. The one of Jim and Buster is lovely, isn't it? Jim and I discussed 'paper whites' but don't know what they are! Sounds delighful though. Haven't you driven that cold away yet?

Pamela, great to see you. Glad you like the photos. I have so many photos I'd like to print and frame. I need more walls. Buster says don't eat too much chocolate to Edward, it gives you the runs!!!

Weaver we are, aren't we? But dogs are so lovely and seem to love us to bits. I did a bit more of the drainage today but it's hard going. It also kept raining on and off, which didn't help. But you have Swallows and ours aren't here yet. That's strange, isn't it?

DK Leather said...

~warm smiles~ Wonderful post - absolutely love the flower pictures :-) x

BT said...

Thanks K, glad you liked it.

Ces said...

BT, don't change. I like to come here and go through your posts. Thank you for your comment about my illustrated Abecedarian. I like your description of it, very sexy.

BT said...

Hello again Ces, my first and last commenter! I'll try not to change. Glad you liked my description. It was a wonderful work.

Ces said...

BT, one more comment. You garden like my mother used to do. You are ad admirable woman. There is something special on my blog for you.

BT said...

Oh Ces, thank you thank you. I am honoured.

soulbrush said...

wow they are fabadabadoo, mine are quite ordinary compared to these..but i hope you will like them.hugs. what a terrific award you got. great.