Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunrise on a Dewy Morning, 12.10.08

Buster in the long grass of the meadow. He didn't appreciate the cobwebs.

Yesterday was a bad day. I have my ups and downs and take antidepressants daily. This was a down - into the slough of despondency. I went to bed in the afternoon and woke up feeling a bit better and headed off up to the meadow to light a bonfire and burn the brambles accumulated over the past day or so. I was up there until it got dark and managed to burn most of the piles, plus I demolished a few more while I was at it. Gardening usually does it for me.

I couldn't sleep last night and was up early as the sun was just rising. I thought that the fire would probably be still going and was about to walk up the meadow when I realised my camera was a must. The cobwebs were beautiful and as I looked across the meadow they looked like cotton tail grass. I don't think I've ever seen them as clearly. Then, as I reached the 'crossroads' of paths, I saw what looked like snow on the gorse bushes. A sight to behold, they were covered with cobwebs. The sun was now up and shone on the cobwebs making them glisten in the warm light. It was just beautiful.

Buster and the cats accompanied me most of the time and I also took some pleasing photos of them. I almost went and woke Jim up but decided he probably wouldn't be best pleased if I had. A morning to treasure indeed.
This was the first cobweb I saw on a slow growing evergreen. On its other side were lots of rather 'messy' ones.

They look rather like net curtains in a deserted house

Still in the front garden, this splendid cobweb decorated the flat headed achillea

The sun shone through the trees on the arboretum.

You can see some cobwebs in the photo on the right of the picture

How pretty the scabeus look in the morning light

Probably my favourite. The long shadows of the morning sun fall across the arboretum

The white fluffy cotton grass, actually it's all cobwebs. Amazing.

A cobweb amongst the 'hard heads'

It really is worth clicking on the photos to see them at their full size

a cobweb amongst the sedge

I thought these looked like washing lines, maybe for my fairies

Just like tiny jewels

I mentioned the gorse. This, to me, is the most stunning of all

If you have the time, do click on the photos then they really come alive.

These shimmered in the sunlight

Like lights at the seaside down among the sedge and grasses

Who would have thought this little holly bush had so many cobwebs on it?

While this solitary loose strife stem is in a cocoon

One lone thistle flower, even that is decorated with tiny dewy beads

I took this view from the meadow 'crossroads' towards Tipperary. What a strange landscape it looked. This was when the clouds had started to gather

A beautiful thrush watched me from the telegraph wire

Sandy, BlackJack and Buster were playing on the way back to the house. When Buster gets too boisterous, the cats go up.


Hey, that's not fair. Come Down!!


Sandy about to leap from one tree to another. He's much more agile than BlackJack, who was stuck up one of our big trees for 2 days.

Just looking out at the world.

I hope you've enjoyed this morning's photos.

This evening it was 'Strictly Come Dancing', the results show, which Jim and I both enjoy. A lovely dinner of roast bacon, potatoes, broccoli and butter beans followed by fresh picked apples from the orchard, all cut up and ready to eat. Lovely.


Twisted willow said...

Fabby pictures.

Next time .... WAKE ME UP!!!


willow said...

Wonderful, mystical cobweb photos!! Best wishes for a happy Monday, dear friend! :^)

Sam said...

beautiful pictures, looks like a lovely walk. X

Leatherdykeuk said...

Fabulous pictures, Gina.

A Cuban In London said...

Lovely pictures. Wish you better.

Greetings from London.

mansuetude said...

do you think the spiders are showing off or maybe tried to cheer you? This is So appreciated inside me. thank you

aims said...

What incredible pictures Gina! I'm sure the cobwebs blew your own cobwebs away. Depression is so hard to deal with - so debilitating. Then we step out into the beauty of the world and wonder why we have been depressed.

I loved your morning sun shots and the view towards Tipperary. Stunning!

And yes - next time - wake Jim up. I'm sure it would be wonderful to share something like that together.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Isn't it perfect that these sort of fabulous cobwebs make their appearances in the month of October?? So appropriate, I always think.

I'm sorry you are feeling a bit down and Edward and I send you our best wishes for the rest of the week! We are looking out our window and thinking of you!

BT said...

I will, Jim. But don't moan at me if I do!!

Glad you liked the photos Willow and Sam and Rachel. Lovely to see you A Cuban in London and glad you liked the photos too. I am feeling a bit more positive I think. Well, I'm trying.

Mansuetude, to think I clip and prune those gorse - and don't particularly like spiders! I think they're probably quite small ones though, well, I hope so. I think it's one of my better sets of photos, but then the conditions were just right.

aims you are a star. You always seem to care so much. Depression stinks. Then I feel guilty because some people suffer so much and never moan. I loved the Tip shot too, glad you did. Thanks for the warm glow you gave me.

Pamela, I can just imagine you and Edward looking out of your window and thank you for the lovely thought.

Lehners in France said...

Hello Gina, I started blogging to help Bob realise that life was better than his depressive days. It's a very hard entity, you go to sleep as happy as hell and wake up as black as midnight. Not many people understand the highs and lows. I truly hope you find someone to confide in.

Your web photos are beautiful, my neighbour calls the webs "fairy umberellas" I think that's lovely.

How I wish each day I could awake in Ireland once more!

Debs x

DK Green said...

gosh what a magical looking morning - definitely where I get my love of such prettiness from!

BT said...

Lehners, thanks for your understanding. I had a really bad 'do' in 2002 and have been up and down since, but I have to say, mostly up thankfully. I think it's probably harder for the partner in some ways. I hope Bob is ok now.
Love the 'fairy umberellas', wonderful.

DK, it is indeed, it's hereditary you know!!!