Thursday, October 2, 2008

Late Start, Willow Cutting, Thurs, 2.10.08

I was so tired this morning, I eventually dragged myself out of bed at 1pm. Buster had been barking and wondering where I was! We spent the next hour playing with him and Emily and just chilling. It was raining heavily anyway. We finally managed to get going and I just pottered inside for a while. Later on the sun came out and it was a beautiful late afternoon, so Jim and I went onto the willow plantation and cut down a good portion of them. Some are thick enough to use on Stanley (our old fire) and some we'll just burn on a bonfire. I cut the left hand side of the reclaimed path, the smaller ones and Jim tackled the right hand side, the willow forest! Buster took himself off to see his girlfriend as usual, not returning until 8pm. He had popped back once to see us, while they had tea I suspect, but as soon as he heard a noise in their garden, he was off!

Jim and I are both a bit worn out now. Stanley is burning away and it's snuggly and warm. I'm off to the UK tomorrow to see Jason, Sam and Jack and to ride on Thomas the Tank Engine on Saturday! Oh the excitement! My flight's at 6.35am. What a dreadful time, but at least I get the whole day with them then. Back late Monday so I may not be able to catch up with my blog until Tuesday. Poor Jim will have to manage Buster on his own. Not an easy job, especially as he seems a bit besotted with me at the moment.

Packing to do (not much), dinner to eat and the 2nd part of Silent Witness to watch at 9. Be good everyone and have a fun weekend.


aims said...

Oooh! You too! (aren't you the jet setter these days)

BT said...

lol, see you soon, aims.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Have a glorious UK time!

DK Green said...

are you back yet? huh? huh? ~bounce~

DK Green said...

look who else now has a blogspot!

ChrisH said...

Horrilbe early start - but I hope you enjoy your trip.

BT said...

Thanks Chrish, I did indeed, as you can see by the next post!