Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doblo and Buster go to the 'Vets'

Wednesday, 29th October, 2008

We'd booked in for Buster to go to the vets today for his castration op. Doesn't that sound awful! Ah well, needs must. The car, too, is poorly and has a large hole in the exhaust pipe, so we dropped Buster off and carried on to Galway where there is a 'Pit Stop' Exhaust and tyre centre. It was a foul day, cold and very wet. We wrapped up warm, knowing we might have quite a wait.

We dropped the car off and they said they'd get back to us in about an hour with the news. As it happens, there is a conveniently placed MacDonald's opposite, so we had a burger and coffee and sat and waited. And waited. We could see the car hadn't moved, so had a wander around the shops in the area then went back to see what was happening. The piece of pipe with the hole had to be ordered which meant taking Doblo back the next day. The rain had about stopped so we had a walk around into the town centre, window shopping mostly, although as my feet were very wet, we bought me a new pair of trainers and some socks. With dry feet, I was much more comfortable. I also bought a pair of fine cream warm slippers. They did have some for one euro, but not in my size! Now that's my kind of price.

The sky was darkening again as we headed back to the car. There was a double rainbow for a while, but then the cold, icy rain fell. Luckily we weren't too far away and hurried back to the car.

It was around 4pm when we arrived at the vets and Buster came bounding out to meet us! He seemed none the worse for wear, so we paid the rather nasty bill and took him home. He did sleep most of the evening, after his food but otherwise seems fine.

I took a few photos in Galway too, in spite of the rain. There is a large open area near where we parked and in the centre stood an old stone piece of house with a window in it! It had been recovered from another part of Galway when they were demolishing the houses and put there. A fine idea, I thought.

This plaque tells you about the window. The
house was built in 1627.

In the same square is this rusty sculpture, Jim walks in front of it

Here it is without Jim and closer. It's probably meant to represent sails I would think as Galway is next to the sea.

In the same square - a row of soggy benches. Do you want them DJK?

This bank entrance looks rather imposing. Probably no money inside though.


The bank of Ireland Clock

This splendid clock is at the top of the Galway Independent Building. Made by Stokes, Cork.

A Guinness Clock, confusing times though

Small Clock, but still Guinness Time at Fox's Bar

This clock is on a corner building, Richardson's. Also made by Stokes, Cork. They must do well

What a difference between this lovely black clock and the rather tacky one from Woodie's!

That's enough clocks I think. We went into an underground shopping mall for a coffee and croissant - oh, I took a photo of their clock too!

These highly colourful balloons were outside a florist shop opposite where we were sitting

Fashions of Galway:

How can she think this looks good? I love the little lady in the background too

This lady looked rather dashing in her red coat and matching hat!


Rainbow and barbed wire fence

Double rainbow, red house

Almost a perfect arc

Rainbow and red house

The sky blackened, I love this shot

Black Sky, Yellow Crane, Galway

The roads were partially flooded and the fields at either side had lakes in them. The ground everywhere is so wet. I took this photo of a field, but it was a bit dark and we were going rather fast for it to be in focus

In spite of the weather, we had a good time.

Thursday, 30th October 2008

Today Jim took the Doblo for its new exhaust. This meant we were actually up quite early. I played with Buster a fair bit and about mid-day he went out and shot off down the road! He can't be that poorly.

I went outside in spite of the cold wind. I wrapped up against the elements and tackled the last part of the other side of the fairy hill. There is still quite a lot of ivy there and the brambles I didn't quite get to last time. I have removed all of the brambles and much of the ivy and the whole thing looks much better.

A parcel was delivered for the couple down the road, Pete and Sandra. As I haven't spoken to them for quite some time, or even seen them, I thought it would be a good excuse to go and see them, which I did. They were fine and I gave Sandra a big hug! They seem to be getting somewhere with the cottage at last and are almost in their 'new' bedroom. It was getting a coat of paint today, so the bed will be able to come out of the living room! I'm glad I made the effort to 'build bridges'.

Otherwise, that's about it. Jim came home while I was down there and didn't see the note I'd left on the kitchen table, so wandered about with Buster (who'd returned), looking for me!

We're keeping Stanley well stoked up as it's so cold but we do have back up of a calor gas fire and several electric heaters. Buster's slept on the settee all evening, having behaved like a mad thing for a while, he settled at last.

Dinner of sausages, colcannon (Irish, potatoes and cabbage) and baked beans. Warming and lovely.
I hope everyone else is keeping warm too.


DK Green said...

wonderful post :-) loved all the clocks, would have made a great EnchantedGlimpses post!

Glad to hear Buster's doing well :-)

willow said...

Lovely pix! (Except for the first fashion photo, which looks a little painful!) :):):)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ah, poor Buster. Edward sympathizes. We both hope he's feeling better.

Webradio said...

Very nice Galway !
I know (a little) this town. I was visiting "Guiness"...

Leatherdykeuk said...

Love the old ladies. They'd be at home in Laverstone.

Son1 said...

Like the shot of you in your red hat and coat, also liked the blonde bird with the builders bum. x

aims said...

Is that really her butt crack we can see? OMG!

I love the little old ladies with their fashion statements. Reflections of a time we are soon to lose I think.

You can post all the pics of clocks you like. I love clocks. I have them everywhere. I love to listen to them ticking.

Rub Buster's head for me.

DJ Kirkby said...

Whew, even your blog posts tire me out, how do you keep up with your life? Yes please to the stone bench pic, I love the old lady one but if a person sits on a bench then to me, that is not a bench pic. Don't ask me to explain, I make no sense to myself!

BT said...

You can pinch them if you like, K! I thought you might like them.

Willow, isn't it just awful!!

Thanks Pamela, T & E. Buster's much better, asleep on the settee at the moment. He ran off this afternoon again.

webradio, I hope it brought back some happy memories.

Rachel, they would fit in rather well, wouldn't they?

Jason, you're hopeless. I may be 60 but I don't look that bad just yet!

aims you are so funny! Yes, indeed. It's a ghastly fashion isn't it? Even on younger girls I think it looks awful.

I'm glad you love clocks, I do too and hanker for one that chimes.

I rubbed Buster's head, which he liked immensely! The little ladies are great, aren't they?

DJK, I've sent you the long line of benches photo. Hope that's the right one,
Love to all