Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday, 31st October, Halloween. Sunshine

It's been a gorgeous cold, crisp day today. I was up late after late bed but busied myself for the rest of the day. I carried on with clearing the ivy and brambles from the other side of the fairy hill. It's looking excellent now. Must take a photo tomorrow. That took all afternoon.

Jim wasn't feeling too good, bit of a headache, so he stayed inside but did some work on the computer and kept Stanley going. Buster had his meal and then left us at 1pm and didn't return until it was dark. He is hopeless. We worried that he might damage his stitches, but they seem ok tonight. We have to take him back to the vet's on 3rd November, Monday for a check up, so they'll make sure he's ok.

This evening we had beef stew. Jim had it bubbling away most of the afternoon and it was gorgeous, with his home made bread too.

I've covered a length of rope with material to make the handle for the bag I'm completing. Not much more to do now, then I can do Christmas things. Much more fun.

Time on the computer now. Short and sweet today.

Just to remind us all of summer!


aims said...

I think once winter sets in that Buster will stay at home more. He's maybe seeing if he still has any oats?

I'm forgetting Gina? Do you have a pellet stove?

My uncle has one - we just visited him on Vancouver Island - and it was wonderful.

The guy who is building our front awning this week told me that grain works very well in a pellet stove and is incredibly cheap!

I would love one for our third floor which is always much colder than the rest of the house. But too much money right now and too much work.

BT said...

I hope he does, aims.

We are going to have a pellet stove when the 'work' is eventually done. I don't think we'd have a ready supply of grain, but it's an interesting idea.


Webradio said...

Pretty photo...

The Weaver of Grass said...

Where did you find a man who will make bread AND a beef stew while you are out in the garden - I bet the delicious smells tempted you in again.

BT said...

On the internet Weaver!!!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am knee-deep in Christmas here at the moment! Such fun, but really messy!

BT said...

Christmas, Pamela, CHRISTMAS? Already???