Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, 15th October, Woodland Walk

I decided it was time I took Buster for a walk in the woods today as the weather wasn't too bad. It kept raining then the sun came out then it rained again. You know the sort of day. I did manage to stay out of the rain fortunately, though it was very muddy underfoot and wellies were the order of the day.

I was hoping there would be a lot of fungi in the wood, but we had more at home on the lawn. Still, the lake was bathed in sunshine and mirror clear at times, with just the odd ripple from the breeze. The trees are looking stunning dressed in their Autumn colours.

A brave couple of lads were out fishing in a little boat

Mirror like water with Flagmount behind and the bull rushes in the foreground

Rocks and reflections

Autumnal bracken at the lake side

This rather horrid looking green stuff, I thought was paint. I reported it to the council and they have said it is algae. Jim had actually said the same thing! So it's a natural occurrence and not to worry about it. It makes rather a splendid pattern here though

Looped grasses and reflected white clouds

A view over the grass and rushes to Flagmount, more reflected cloud

Bits of the long sunken rowing boat still keep turning up

Beautiful ripe red berries

These are harder to spot amongst the gorgeous deep red leaves

My favourite fern in the summer and look at it now? Beautiful

Beech leaves in all shades

Reflected bull rushes
I can't resist them

A perfect reflection

A mirror image

Interesting shapes

This looks like a little boat

I did manage to find some fungi eventually. Beech leaves carpet the ground

What a cute fellow this is - like a fairy toadstool

Lough Graney through a great shaped tree

The last one of the Lough, through some trees, with a pool of glass in the centre and Flagmount behind

When I arrived home, I thought I'd photograph our fungi and of course one or two other plants got in the way too, like this red acer

This trailing nasturtium gets longer and longer, all from one plant

This strange bunch of creatures appeared on the rockery a few days ago.

Now look at them

There are loads popping up out of the 'lawn' (well, grass) too.

One in close up

This red grass on the rockery is finally making a small patch, after several years and 3 different gardens.

It's not really been a good day as I'm still in a bit of a hole and poor Jim suffers as a result. I know how hard it is for him but when the shadow falls, I just can't seem to do anything to chase it away.

Now it'll probably be next Spring before the builders start our extension which is in itself depressing.

Nothing else to add now....


mansuetude said...

you may be in a hole, but your photos are on top of cloud nine with me--the grasses is my all time favorite! you almost captured a perfect circle... and the tree reflection, too~love.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Super photos. I love fungi, and miss the ones i used to see in Darley Dale.

keep looking up - it boosts serotonin levels.

BT said...

Thanks so much mansuetude, your comments mean a lot to me.

Thanks Rach. You're a star.

Webradio said...

Hello BT !
You are great photos...
Very, very nice !
Wouahhh !

I'come again for reading others posts...

Sam said...

Stunning photos as always - why are the builders not starting now?

BT said...

Thanks webradio, glad you enjoyed them. Sam, sent you an email! Happy you appreciated the piccies.

Webradio said...

Look at my profile : I love Irland !

willow said...

Your walks are always so delightful, Gina. That algae is wonderful!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

To get out of that hole BT keep up those lovely walks with Buster and keep that camera clicking - those shots are magic.

Ces said...

I always love going through your photographic journal. You sure have interesting shapes. I thought about the same thing when I saw the algae pattern. They sure make a beautiful painting!

Rima said...

Lovely pics they are... the stem shapes are like writing...
Sorry to hear you're in a black hole.. it's horrible isn't it. The rain doesn't help does it?
Wishing you much sunshine in and out X

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Lovely fall photographs, as always! I usually have to pay someone to create images that resemble that algae! Perfect!

Edward says to tell Buster that he had such fun at the beach!!

BT said...

thank you so much for visiting willow. Strange how something as destructive as algae can be so beautiful. 'There is beauty in the bellow of the blast' as Katisha says.
Thank you weaver, we could do with sunshine today. It's pouring.
Lovely to see you ces. Glad you appreciate my photos. Your drawings are just magic.
Rima, great to see you. It's absolutely chucking it down at this very moment! Doorus is in a cloud. Bring on some sun.
Pamela, T and E. Buster as curled up in front of the fire trying to keep warm. I'm sure he'd love a romp on the beach if it ever stops raining. Please 'help yourself' to the algae photo if you can use it.

Love to all

DK Green said...

oh gosh I love the reflections and funghi pictures soooo much :-)

I'm sorry to hear you were in a funk whilst I was away momma xxx

BT said...

Hiya DK, glad you like those photos. You picked my favourites too! I'm ok now, on the up thank you.