Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Swallows swallowed. Jelly Jam. Gort Meeting 14 - 16 July 08

Blackcurrants, some of them are huge

Monday and Tuesday were taken up with jelly and cordial making on Jim's part. I accompanied him to the orchard and while he picked the blackcurrants, I weeded around the base of the bushes, where we can't mow or strim. We had tea and cheese on toast for a break. Excellent it was too.

Here's Jim picking the blackcurrants
, plus hat to try and keep the midges off. Buster thought this was all a good idea and ate some blackcurrants from the bottom branches! What a dog. Jim took a few photos of him, rather lovely ones.


Now we did have rather a sad
occurrence. Each year the starlings nest in the barn adjacent to our cottage and this year was no exception. We didn't have as many as usual, mainly because Sandy thought it was wonderful having all these birds flying in and out and frightened some away. However, recently we've heard the chirping and chattering of the babies each time a parent has arrived bearing goodies.

We were sitting in the conservatory when Jim said 'That's a hawk'. I caught it just out of the corner of my eye. A short while later the kestrel, for that's what it was, flew back into the barn and landed on our pile of kindling. It looked enormous. I think we saw it 3 times in all. Sadly, there is now no more chattering coming from the barn and I think the kestrel must have eaten them all.

I did find a bird later in the kitchen/diner. I shouted to Jim to remove Buster, who was trying desperately to stop my clearing it up. 'Is it alive' shouted Jim. 'Well, it's head is here, so I don't think so' I replied. Not a good day for birds in Doorus.

I've tried to weed more of the parking area in between showers. It's been warmer but still pretty wet.

Last night was the committee meeting for the Gort Show which happens on 10th August. It went on until almost 11pm and the chairman and the chap who organises the horse section almost came to blows! It was all a bit frought. During the course of the evening, I don't know what happened but I had a dreadful pain around my ribs. I c
ould hardly stand at the end and by the time we arrived home I took some painkillers and went straight to bed. I have no idea what it was but thankfully this morning it seems to have cleared up. A mystery indeed.

My Australian friend Lynne is back on line at last. I've missed her and our little chats. It seems she has a new woman in her life.... Watch this space.

Jenny, Jim's youngest daughter comes tomorrow evening until Saturday night. Lots of clearing up to do tomorrow then. Jim's
already fixed the broken toilet seat and sticking toilet doors, so that's a start.

Here are a few photos I managed to take the other day between showers. In spite of the rain, the flowers are still loo
king good:
Comfrey in front of the tool shed:

Gorgeous Orange Dahlia

Yellow Dahlia

Lupins for Rachel

Pinks (or Whites maybe)....

I also took some photos of fences and Jim's veg plot, but I'll leave those until tomorrow.



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Leatherdykeuk said...

Poor birds!

You know I love lupins :) (and fences, so looking forward to those).

I'll have to visit again to sample some of Jim's preserve :)

I love your posts.

BT said...

So glad you're enjoying my posts. Fences coming later!