Monday, July 28, 2008

Humid Day, Gate Photos, Jim Walks, 28.7.08

Phew, it's been really humid today, although the sun's hardly shone and it's rained on and off, it was still t-shirt weather.

Jim decided he was fit enough after his back injury to go walking again, a good sign. He's gradually walking the East Clare Way. This means I have to drive him to his start point, go back home, then drive back and collect him at a fixed venue about 3 hours later. I dropped him off at a place called Callaghan's Mills. The old water mill, after which the village is named, is in a parlous state of repair, but judging by the machinery and fences around it, is undergoing re-construction. Should be lovely when/if it ever gets done.

I walked a bit with Jim to take Buster for a
breath of fresh air. Strange place, with quite a few derelict cottages and lumps of old farm machinery about. Also some quite interesting gates, so I managed to get some reasonable photos, in spite of Buster's help by pulling my arm just as I tried to take a photo!

I called at the post office/petrol station/pub in the village and purchased a Magnum. The dark chocolate one. Delicious. Then headed home and did some more parking area weeding. I do seem to be getting somewhere with it at last. It rained on and off but was so warm, it didn't matter. Even Buster sat out with me.

I drove to the meeting point to pick up Jim and sat drinking coffee while I waited. Text arrives. 'I'm here but you're not'. Aha, wrong place Gina! I wasn't far out, just one junction away, so drove and picked a now very wet and soggy Jim up. He was very tired and has now retired to bed early, a very rare event! I hope it'll help him build up his strength again.

The photos I have are some of Jim and the new meadow path (mentioned yesterday) and the rest of today's efforts.

Weston Super Mare pier burnt down yesterday. Sad news indeed. They are so vulnerable as a lot of the structure is wooden. It seems they are hoping to re-build the Pavilion at the end. Good luck to them.

Buster and Jim running up our 'M1', the first meadow path

Buster and Sandy explore the newly strimmed path

Buster waiting patiently for Jim

Pretty yellow meadow flowers in the
foreground, the cream line of flowers is Meadow Sweet, and it lives up to its name at this time of year. That line of flowers is where the new path cuts across.

Now for gates, old cottage and cottage window, farm machinery:

Who slept in this old bed?

Is this old gate ever used? I can't think it is.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Super pictures!

DK Green said...

lovely post - love the new path!