Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beautiful Sunshine, Weeding, Grump. 20.7.08

What a gorgeous day it's been, weatherwise that is. When I got up Jim was grumpy because he'd got up for the dog and was tired. And he always gets up for the dog and needs more sleep. Grump grump. Discussion on what to do about it.

Jim mowed the orchard and I weeded the bed behind the sleeping shed and made a new path and step where the old, rather hastily constructed path, had been. It was totally covered in weeds, mostly dock and dandelion. I still have some more to do but it's a great improvement. I also weeded the bed at the side of the path. The pansies had about disappeared in long grass and I pulled up the biggest dandelion I'd ever seen! Huge roots. I stayed outside until after 10pm. Lots of shouting and banging about was going on down the road. Tractors chugging up and down and dogs barking. It seems some cows were misbehaving and 3 broke through a fence into the field next to ours. Jim was worried they might break through into our allotment, but they didn't. Don't really know what happened as it all went quiet and dark. The dog and cats were very excited by it all.

Buster slept outside on my coat until I came in. I had a little fire to keep midges away as usual and Buster curled up nearby to feel the warmth.

Today was the final day of the Open Golf Championship and I'm really pleased that the Irishman Padraig Harrington won, making it twice in a row for him, a rare achievement. We watched the last few holes and It was great to see him walking down the 18th hole to the green, acknowledging the cheers from the crowd, knowing that he had won.

Sitting here now, smelling of bonfire smoke and winding down.


Leatherdykeuk said...


We all have the grumps sometimes. I'm generally more grumpy than not.

BT said...

I can't believe that!!