Thursday, July 17, 2008

Busy Cleaning Up Day, 17 July 2008

Haven't much to report as in terms of news all I've done is clear up! Hoover hoover, sweep, sweep, wash wash, etc. So I'll devote this blog to photos, which I hope you'll all enjoy. Jim's just gone to the airport to pick Jenny up. Before he went, he noticed my ATCs on the side and commented that they're a bit like Pokeman cards for grown ups!!

Gate at the top of road to S & Ps
with Fuchsia Bush

Gate to Martin the farmer's barn

Old Fences on our allotment

Fallen gate on bank at the side
of our drive

Curtain at the end of top barn -
must take it
down one day

Part of our cow defenses on allotment

Our Post box and Fuchsia

Misty view over Loch Graney and barbed wire

Our one and only gnome, belonged to Jim and Sally

The Vegetable Plot:

Broad Beans

Courgettes (now eaten)

Potato Patch (earlies)

Runner Beans reach the top of their canes

Onions Galore.

Well I hope you've enjoyed this snap shot. Jenny should be here any moment so I'll sign off now.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Super photos, Gina. You know how much i love gates and fences :)

DK Leather said...

oooh yum I love the fency post!

BT said...

Glad you like, I had awful trouble getting the titles with the photos! Must be doing something wrong!!