Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jenny's 2nd day, Sunshine, Lost 19 July 08

We managed to get up fairly early today but still whiled away the morning. Chatting, sipping tea and pet petting. We had a very civilized breakfast and headed off to Lough Cutra, the largest privately owned lake in Clare. Jim wasn't quite sure how to get there but by chance we spotted the little lane down to the lakeside. It was quite delightful, a little beach, reeds waving in the water and glorious sunshine. Yes, sunshine. I let Buster off the lead much to Jim's trepidation, but he was just fine and didn't stray far from us at all. He found lots of mussel shells and chomped away at them enthusiastically. It would be a lovely spot for a picnic.

Buster was reluctant to get back into the car but we shoved him in! We were then trying to head to Flagmount, the little village opposite Doorus, where we live. Jim headed off in what he thought was the right direction. The road went up, higher and higher and we passed a group of workmen by a house and they waved, as did we. The road then became very narrow and we ended up behind a herd of cows! As there was another car in front of us we assumed the road must carry on. However, it suddenly turned into a muddy swamp! We decided to turn round and try another route.

We passed the rather bemused group of workmen again and waved a 2nd time. We made jokes amongst ourselves about 'just visiting friends' and 'they were out' to excuse our abrupt about turn!

Taking a different turning, we did eventually drive into Flagmount. 'Is this it' said Jenny. I think she was expecting a bit of a town and maybe a supermarket. One shop and a church is about it for Flagmount! We purchased ice creams and stood at the highest point trying to work out where our land was. You can't actually see the cottage but you can see the meadow and our trees. It rained briefly at that point, just to remind us we were still in Ireland!

We then drove through Caher, past the bottom of the lake and its fishing stands and onto Mrs Broderick's Mountain View Cafe. A young lady was in there today and she served us with the requisite scones, butter and jam with tea a
nd coffee. Apparently Mrs B no longer does Saturdays. Still, it was a very pleasant end to the trip before we headed home.

Jenny's flight was early evening so
Jim ran her to the airport, leaving ours at 6pm. It was a beautiful evening but the midges were out as usual. I decided to light a little camp fire on the parking area and did some weeding, assisted by Buster, who kept sitting on my knee and running off with the wood for the little fire! I stayed out until after 10pm, when I could really no longer see. Jim had called at the all night Tesco for supplies.

I watched some of the Open Golf on tv a
nd was thrilled to see that the Irishman Padraig Harrington was in 2nd position. Final day tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

I think Jenny had a good time. She wanted to 'chill' for her 2 days and I think we achieved that. We also laughed a lot and she fell in love with Bu
ster, of course.

Jim took some photos today so I'll post them when he emails them to me.

Me and Buster, Lough Cutra behind

Jenny and Gina on the steps at Lough Cutra

Buster enjoying the sunshine, Lough Cutra

Jenny and Jim, Father and Daughter, lovely shot this (by me)!!

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