Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bad Back, Drizzle, Bad Buster 29.7.08

I am propped up hard against the back of my typing chair trying to ease my back pain. After breakfast I leaned over the settee in the conservatory and something 'went'. I'm not too bad sitting, comfortable lying down but not good standing or walking. God, I hate it.

Jim's had to go to a Gort Show meeting tonight. I came into the conservatory to find Buster had weed in 2 places in there. I was so mad. The door was open to the outside and he hasn't had any accidents for a few days. I'm sure it's because he wasn't allowed back into the front room! So I staggered about mopping and cursing and shouting at him. He's not moved from his basket since!!

Jim and I have been discussing our entries to the Gort Show. My crafts and Jim's jams, veg and maybe flowers, depending on the weather. I want to decorate a picture frame but it turns out all the ones we have (dozens of them) are still in the UK. Grrrr. Jim says he'll make me one. I have a rug ready, a knitted 'Grandpa' scarecrow, a knitted Peddler doll, a 'new from old' bag and then there are the photos. We have to sort those out and print them. Luckily Jim bought a super new photo printer on Saturday, so that should help.

I rang the architect Paddy yesterday to see whether he'd had any estimates back from builders. He hasn't and said he'd chase them. It'll be 2009 before we get anything done at this rate.

An on line friend of Rachel's has been in touch about my Raggy Bags and selling them on Etsy, an American craft site. I had a look on there but it all looks a bit complicated, plus it's all in dollars of course. I still haven't got my ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) on a site either. I can make things but am crap at putting them anywhere!

I'm a bit fed up.


DK Green said...

oh dear... I'm sorry you feel blah!

Loving the things you're making though for the Gort show, when is it again?

Leatherdykeuk said...

I hate being in pain. I feel for you.

I've bought off ETSY but haven't sold through them, so can't advise (yet)

BT said...

The Gort Show is 10th August, Sunday. Thanks for the sympathy Rach, happily my back is much better today. Thanks too for considering Etsy request.