Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rain, Rain, Funeral, Fun and Jack June to July 5

Sam and Jack enjoy a picnic. Jack and his new trolley.

We seem to have had nothing but rain for ages now and I'm heartily sick of it. The garden is soggy all round. I have managed to get out for the odd hour or so, but have been attacked by tiny midges with it being so damp. I have even resorted to wearing an old bee keeper's headgear, which makes me look like a demented spaceman and is green. It is also hard to see through, so I have to weed where I know I won't destroy any precious plants. Someone should invent something to keep these evil beasts away.

The vegetable plot is doing surprisingly well, broad beans are fattening, we have salad leaves a-plenty and everything else is shooting up (well, the potatoes are hopefully growing down). Jim's done very well considering how hampered he's been with back pain.

Buster the dog is growing daily. His legs are getting very long and he's very naughty. He still has the odd accident, mainly because he doesn't like going out in the rain. What a wuss. We took him to the vets on Monday where he was micro chipped and had his 2nd vaccination. This was 'the' main man vet, Gerry and he thinks Buster is a beagle cross collie. He thoroughly checked him over and declared him in tip top health. All good stuff.

The plans for the very long awaited extension are in their final stages. We just have to get hold of Paddy now and sort out quotes from builders. Will it ever happen?

I went to Suffolk on Saturday 28th June to attend a funeral on Monday 30th. The funeral was in London and was for Jan, my first husband Ken's long term partner. She had been diagnosed with cancer not too long ago but it spread like wildfire and she died last week. She was 50 in May so far too young.

It was still good to see Jason, Sam and Jack for a few days. We fitted in a car boot sale on Sunday and I managed to pick up some great bargains for my ATCs and raggy bags.

We travelled down to London in Sam's 'bus' and met everyone at Ken's house. He was pleased I had made the effort to come and cried when we hugged. The service was excellent, if different. A humanist ceremony, the chap leading it had a great clear voice and delivered the eulogy with genuine care and sympathy. Ken cried of course, Sam wept (she's not good at funerals) and I was fine until the song they played at the end, 'I Want to Live Forever' by Queen. Ye gods, what a song. That got to most of us!

I flew back to Ireland on Tuesday evening. Not before enjoying a lovely day in the garden with Jack and Sam. It was very hot all the while we were there. Such a change for me. We filled a blow up paddling pool for Jack and he loved it. Jack and I also did some weeding, carrying them to the compost bin in his new 'trolley'. Jack's latest saying is, 'don't worry, I'll do that for you'. So sweet.

Back to Ireland where it was raining. Now there's a surprise. Now it's Saturday and I don't know where the week's gone. Jim decided to fetch a paper from Canneys this morning and we called in at Mrs Broderick's amazing cafe for a cup of tea and home made scone for breakfast! One of her Grandchildren was in charge as Anne Broderick was getting ready for a few days holiday. Have I mentioned this cafe before? Anne runs the cafe, which has no menu, no charges and no security, for a charity in Zimbabwe. Her sister is a nun there and helps children with aids/hiv and all the money raised in the cafe is sent to support her sister's work. So you just pop some money in the collection tin as and when you feel like it but call for a coffee or tea anytime after 12 midday and you can have one for nothing. Ann did return just as we were leaving and she took my phone number for about the 3rd time as she's promised to take me for a coffee some time but keeps losing my number!

This afternoon was fine so I cut the grass along the edge of the snakey rose bed and weeded most of it before the rain came again! Jim planted the lupins he'd grown from seed in one of the arboretum beds.

Quick burst of Casualty tonight on tv, which was pretty rubbishy and here I am.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Good to hear from you. It's great to be able to visualise the garden.

I have lupin love, but I tell the tale why far too often.

BT said...

But not to meeeee!