Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back Again 20 May 2008. Holiday in Hopton

Wow, ages since I last posted. My daughter commented that she missed my blog, so it kick started me into action.

I had a great little holiday with my family at Hopton, near Great Yarmouth. I shared a caravan with Rene, Sam's Mum, which worked very well. It was very cold at night and the van didn't have any heating, but once in bed it was fine. The lounge had a gas fire so that was ok.

The full complement of our 'gang' was as follows:

Ivor and Maureen (Ivor is my first husband's father and Maureen my first husband's first wife). Work that one out.
Abigail, aged 10, Maureen and Ivors' Granddaughter.
Paul with his 3 children, Brandon, Conor and Gracie. Paul is Maureen's first born, his father is my first husband.
David, Sue and Dawn. David is Ivor's youngest son from his first marriage, Sue is David's 2nd wife and Dawn is David's daughter from a previous relationship. Complicated or what!
Jason, Sam and Jack (my elder son, his wife and my grandson).

The Haven caravan site has a club house, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, crazy golf, loads of those weird and wonderful machines that eat your money and flash lots of lights at you. Totally incomprehensible to me.

Jack had a wonderful time. He loved the pool, especially the section which had fountains and jets going in all directions. He would have stayed there all day! There was one of those big slides in the centre and I braved it once!

The site also had various characters who entertained the children. Jack's favorite was 'Bradley' a rather large bear. In the evenings they performed on stage.
Not my usual kind of entertainment but I quite enjoyed it for a change. I even played Bingo twice. The 2nd time I won £160 so that was fun. It enabled me to treat the others to some very bad for us food.

We had a great day out in Great Yarmouth, fish and chips all round of course! All in all, a splendid holiday. I spent hours with Jack and he loved every minute.

The photos above: Jack on the bike, Gracie and Abigail enjoying the fun at Great Yarmouth.
A very windswept me sitting on a breakwater at Hopton, plus Sue and Dawn. Jack with Bradley. Gracie in her Dad's hat. Rene and Abigail playing Crazy Golf and then we all squashed together for a group photo. Our caravan with Jack on the steps. I think I'll do another page re: Ireland.
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