Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emersion Blow Up! Midges Galore, 27 May 08

We had to stay around today as the plumber, Michael, was coming. Our emersion heater trips the fuse every time it's switched on, so we assumed the element had gone. As it happened, when Michael switched it back on again, it worked, of course! But it soon blew the fuse again and it seems we may need an electrician, not a plumber. Still, we had a good chat and he had coffee and told us about his wood pellet boiler!

I weeded one of the front beds, now full to busting with gladioli, so it's really hard to get down amongst them to get at the weeds! BlackJack came and helped! The tiny midges were everywhere, so I brought 2 garden candles outside and burned them to keep them away. It worked a bit. Did some strimming until my strimmer fell apart then gave up the hopeless battle against the midges and went in.

Jim cooked a lovely spag bol, followed by rhubarb (from the garden), custard with a sponge top. Wonderful.

My old dog Tessa had to be put down, sad news (she was with my ex husband) and my sister's old dog Boris, who we met in Australia in Feb/March, also had to be put down. Not a good week for dogs.

Apart from that, not much else to report.

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DK Leather said...

aw bless, sorry to hear about Tessa.

Took Bear to the vet today, first time, chipped now :-) you'd so love him!