Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gort Show Ads + Gardening 29, 30 May 08

On Thursday, we had a job to do. We had to go and sell advertising for the Gort Show Catalogue in The Square, Gort. We approached this with some trepidation, not really knowing what sort of reception we'd get. However, we needn't have worried. Most of those who'd had an ad last year wanted one for this year and we also managed to get some new ones. We took cash from a few too. We broke off for lunch, I had chips and cheese at Supermacs with a cappuccino and Jim had chicken burger and chips. Mmmmm, can't beat it. We hung about for a few who'd said 'come back later', filling in some time at Lidl and Aldi. Back to the final few, a quick ice cream in Supermacs, dashed through the rain back to the car and home about 7pm ish. The poor cats were starving!

We managed to get out into the garden for a bit, but the gnats were terrible, so we came in about 9.

Today, Friday, it rained on and off but didn't stop us from getting out. Jim powered up the ride on mower and mowed the arboretum. I cut the back lawn edge and weeded the rockery. It all looked rather splendid. The first rose is now in full bloom in our snake bed and looks gorgeous. It's a Peace. Around 5ish there was a beautiful, strong rainbow, of which I took many photos! It lasted for ages and there was a 2nd fainter one too. Tools were put away and we retired inside to save being eaten alive.

This evening I've been doing some more of my hooked woolen rug, Jim's been up on his computer. I watched a good film starring Anthony Hopkins called 'Fracture'. Do catch it if you can. Sandy seems to be missing this evening, BlackJack is upstairs as usual. I'll have a quick look for him before bed. I'll pop some photos on if I can.

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lovely pictures mum! :-)