Friday, March 28, 2008

Busy Gardening Day, 27 March, 08

Having gone to bed at about 4am, it was a late start to the day. Much better weather, sunny at first, then at tea time it changed to rather cold with a stiff wind. Jim popped into Gort to do the shopping. I weeded the rockery and spread our home made compost over it. Also planted some saxifrage, red, pink and white. They are so pretty and make lovely mounds like a cushion. I also planted some viola in the rockery and the Grotto bed. I spent the last couple of hours weeding there as it was a sheltered spot. Very wet underfoot, I moved a couple of big stones to stand on. It started to get dark and my feet were like stones, so I headed in just in time for dinner. Sausage, chips, egg and baked beans. Wonderful.

Martin the farmer's cows keep getting out and wandering all over our drive and eating some of our bushes. Very annoying. If I see him, I'll mention that his one band electric fence does not keep them in. The poor things are hungry as the field has very little grass left in it.

The cats have played outside most of the day and have been worn out tonight. BlackJack on my knee as I type.

A bit of scrabble on Facebook and to bed.

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DK Leather said...

I'm missing your blogs momma!