Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ireland Updates 20 May 08

I don't really know where to start. Spring was a bit cold and after the rain the spring flowers weren't anywhere near as good as last year. Still, there were plenty of violets and now the bluebells are out. Plenty of primroses filled the banks around the orchard, though they have all but finished now.

The rest of the garden is beginning to look lovely. A recent spate of warm weather has everything shooting up almost as you watch and the grass seems to be growing daily. We did buy the super 15.5 horse power ride on mower and Jim has had fun riding it about everywhere. I have a motorised wheelbarrow which is the best purchase ever.

I had a mad spate of clearing the top barn and moved most of the machinery up there. It is dry and easy to reach. I spring cleaned the barn near the house but it isn't quite finished yet.

Paddy the architect came back with out plans which we altered where necessary. Jim has been to see him today for the nitty gritty stuff of where the radiators and sockets go, etc.

We have had a worrying 2 days as BlackJack, one of our lovely cats, decided to go to the top of our Neutka Cyprus, a very long way up, then he couldn't get down. He was up there all last night and it looked like he was going to remain there tonight. He meowed and yowled like a baby. Jim and I spent ages at tea time trying to coax him down. Finally, it worked and Jim caught him in his arms. Tonight, after scoffing his food, he has mostly slept. Apparently he did this when we were in Australia, so I won't be surprised if he decides to go tree climbing again. Stupid cat.

Also I have a bout of cystitis, which I haven't had for ages. It makes me quite poorly but I feel better this evening and now. My daughter has also been in hospital today to have a heart monitor put under her skin. Luckily all went well and she only had a local anaesthetic, brave girl. Oh, and the immersion heater blew yesterday, so it's cold water all round. Luckily we have an electric shower so we don't smell!

Finally, while Jim was coaxing BlackJack down, I found a cat poo behind the television set! All over the wires too. Yuk. They have been so good in that department. Ah well, hopefully it was a one off.

I'll post some photos of the gardens in the spring.

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DK Leather said...

Smashing pictures, I've really enjoyed browsing these again. Really looking forward to seeing this all for myself next month too now!!!