Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Photos of Doorus, Up all Night! 27.5.08

It was a funny old day yesterday! Not least because I stayed up all night making my latch hook rug and watching rubbish tv. As I mentioned yesterday, I went on a dawn walk around our land and took lots of photos. Not much to report today. I collapsed around 8.30am and slept until 1pm! This afternoon I've been pottering and cutting the grass edges of the flower beds on the arboretum, and weeding the beds too. Finished as the midges attacked again and Jim had our dinner ready. So here I am. I've donated to my daughter's 'Race for Life' Cancer site and spent a while browsing all her photos. Some lovely floral ones too. Here's my lot:
I'm not sure how they'll come out. Wish I could label them for you. I have taken some of the wild flowers, the foxgloves are just coming into bloom, the forget me nots about finished. The flower of the clover is so pretty, sorry the photo is a little blurred. It was very early this morning. My latest big effort has been to sort out the Grotto Garden. The floor was all horrid black mud and weeds, which I removed by the barrow load, then put layers of stones down so that it's now fresh smelling and dry underfoot. Much better. I have planted loads of violas, sedum, creeping Jenny and various ferns too. Should be lovely by next Summer, but I already love it. What looks like an art project with lots of green and white bits is the bottom half of the meadow. The deer keep getting in and eating all our new ash trees and we've been told that they don't like white carrier bags as they shine in the dark and make a noise, so that's my attempt to preserve our trees!! Looks quite fun really. If you want to know what anything else is, just ask.

All this and other photos are on my Facebook site.
http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=676090234 Hopefully that should work. Happy Tuesday all. xx


Leatherdykeuk said...

Super photographs!

DK Leather said...

Wow, those are lovely mummy! Glad you liked mine on Flickr, having really lots of fun with the macro game and flowers - they're all from our garden mind!

DK Leather said...

btw... your garden looks utterly beautiful. Thoroughly looking forward to coming to see it in person :-) xxx

DK Leather said...

oh and thank you for sponsoring me on the Race for Life! :-) xxx