Thursday, May 29, 2008

28th May 08 Bad Start, Good Ending

I'm ashamed to say we didn't wake up until 1pm today! Still, if you go to bed at 4am, what do you expect? We had 'breakfast' on our new Jack and Jill seat combo in the back garden. Gorgeous day, no wind and bits of cloud and sun. I then weeded the potato patch on Jim's vege plot. Looks all smart now. I also collected some more stones from it for my Grotto Garden floor.

Jim mowed the back lawn and the orchard. I decided to do some weeding in the orchard as the 'sticky bob' weed is growing apace down there. I don't know the real name for that weed, it grows from a tiny stem and climbs all over and up plants and it's sticky! So, Sticky Bob it is to me. I also pulled up lots of raspberries that are appearing all over the place. The gnats were driving me crazy and Jim brought a garden candle to try and drive them away. As long as I stuck my chin just above it I was ok!!

We did have a willow igloo in the orchard, but it had got very tatty and broken, so I have burned most of it down. There is one thick willow trunk left, so I thought I'd light a bonfire around it to try and get rid of it, or at least weaken it. Jim suggested we have our dinner round the fire, which seemed like a splendid idea. He went off and planted a gorgeous red leaved tree in the arboretum and did a few other jobs while I sorted the fire. It went really well and we took the picnic chairs down, hung a lamp on a tree and Jim brought our dinner down. Left over Spag Bol in big bowls with a buttered roll and a glass of white Chardonnay, delicious. Followed by a mini magnum type ice cream on a stick. Bliss. We sat and chatted and played with the fire until it was just embers, then went inside. A splendid day, although a bit short!!

Much computerising followed. Kat, my daughter was on msn for a change. Chatted about this and that and I decided to go to visit her for her birthday on 30th August. All planned and booked! It'll be lovely to see Lina, Kirsty and co too. Chatting some more, I mentioned that Ryanair were doing flights for 5euros. Jim said, from upstairs, 'for example, if you come on June 24th, go back on 26th, it's 10 euros'. Kay looked it up and booked there and then. Even better, Rachel said she'd come too. I'm so so pleased as Kay hasn't seen it here yet and I know she will love it, and Rachel too.

It's also good that they will see it before our extension is done, so will see the 'before and after'.

I'm very excited by the prospect of showing them the Burren, having a night at the local music venue, 'Peppers', which has a music night on the Wednesday that they are here! We'll decide on the other activities according to the weather. Woo hoo!!!!

We said we'd go to bed a bit earlier tonight as tomorrow we have to go round the shops in Gort and try and sell advertising space in the Gort Show Programme. We are both on the committee having offered to help last year. Jim has been asked today to be chief safety officer! SO, I must to bed now. It's 2.35am, so a bit earlier than yesterday. I blame it all on my mother, who always stayed up late reading. It's genetic I'm afraid!

Night night.

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DK Leather said...

~bounces excitedly~
We are soooo looking forward to it you've no idea! Both the us visiting you and the visa versa :-)

Sounds like a lovely way to spend life, frankly, I'm positively envious :-)

love you mum xxx