Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Roses Grow On You, 21st May 08

Today we decided it was time to plant our roses. We were going to make a formal rose garden but in the winter the plot turned into a swimming pool, so we realised it wasn't a good spot for roses. Jim had the brilliant idea of planting a line of roses, like a snake, from the bottom to almost the top of the arboretum. We marked out the snake with rope and I cut the turf for Jim to remove. The ground is very stony but ok. We managed to plant about 8 of the roses and they look just great. I'll take a photo when it's all done. I'm so pleased with it so far.

I spent a while collecting stones for the base of the grotto. This area is incredibly wet and was very smelly too. I pulled up the weeds and took out the black muddy stuff underneath and am covering the whole area with stones. At least we'll be able to walk round there. I have some lovely plants growing there, loads of violas, ferns and sedums but it was too wet to walk around there. Should be another good section of our 5 acres sorted. As our neighbours would say 'We're getting there'.

We have had some rain today, but, believe it or not the garden needs it, especially the vege plot and newly planted roses. It will also be a test for my new grotto flooring.

Not much else to report. My daughter in law's Mum has been in hospital with a bowel infection but is fine now thank goodness. Intravenous antibiotics sorted it.

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